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The Dusky leaf monkey for LangUR art Exhibition in Penang.

Dusky leaf monkey painting for LangUR Exhibition

Golden Hour 💛 ⭐💛
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
Size: 76 x 61 cm

It is a privilege to be showing at the Penang State Art Gallery for  LangUR: Building Bridge Between Our Worlds art exhibition curated by Ivan Gabriel for the Penang State museum to raise awareness of our Endangered Dusky Leaf monkeys and to raise funds for the Langur project Penang.

I’ve been intrigued by these monkeys ever since the first time I spotted them hiking up Penang Hill. It used to be rare to spot them as they are very shy and they live in the deep forest, but in recent years, they have become easier to spot as they have been flushed out of the forest into the urban landscape.
They give birth to golden babies which stay golden for about 6 months. It is believed that they are golden orange because predators can’t see this colour and works well as a form of camouflage.
It works so well that I have never spotted a golden baby. All my friends know how much I want to see one in the wild and I do hope I get to see one soon.
In this artwork, The mother and baby langur sits on a tree branch in a meditative pose at sunset, surrounded by the lush tropical rainforest, with the racket tailed drongo watching over them, and a butterfly in the distance.
My artwork is inspired by my encounters with the langur troops, the desire to see a golden baby and my dreams and hopes for a better world.

International bat week

Fruit bat

This week we celebrate the Bat 🦇
They are amazing creatures who play an important role in our ecosystem, pollinating flowers, fruits and eating insects.
I have a resident fruit bat I’ve named Betsy who lives in the eaves outside my kitchen window.

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Dusky leaf monkey

The dusky leaf monkey or spectacled langur is indigenous to Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. They are gentle herbivores and spend all their time in the tree tops. The babies are golden in colour when they are born. I’ve been trying to spot these golden babies for many years but I have never seen one this colour. They turn grey, black once they are 6 months old.
I haven’t given up hope. I am always on the look out for the golden babies. This species is on the endangered list so time of the essence but I do hope that they will be saved.

Socialite sheep pet portrait fashion makeover.

The social sheep pet portrait
Sheep pet portrait fashion makeover styled Valentino SS21

Today is  Eid but since we are in lockdown I will calmy carry on with the pet portrait commissions that still have to be done.
The socialite sheep pet portrait fashion makeover styled in Valentino SS21 

New commissions are on hold at the moment. Thank you.

Sunda Pangolin

Sunda Pangolin

Saturday Sketch from my wildlife series.
Sketch no 1500 in my moleskine sketchbook is of the critically endangered Sunda pangolin and baby.

Malayan Sun Bear

Malayan Sun Bear

Last one in this sketchbook. The Malayan sun bear is the smallest of all the bears and they love to climb trees for honey 🍯

Sketch of the day no 1486 in my moleskine sketchbook : Malayan Sun Bear. 🐻

Sunda Clouded leopard

Sunda clouded leopard

I’ve run out of pet portraits, so today I will start a wildlife series in my sketchbook project.

Sketch of the day no 1485 is of a Sunda Clouded Leopard.

“The Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi) is a medium-sized wild cat native to Borneo and Sumatra” ~ Wikipedia

Baby dusky leaf monkey

Baby dusky leaf langur

Happy weekend.
Today’s sketch is of a Golden baby dusky leaf langur. They are golden when they are born till about 6 months. I’ve never been lucky enough to spot one in all my jungle walks despite most people I know telling me they have… I hope to see one soon before they disappear 🐵

Into the forest I go…

I love the natural world and going for hikes in our tropical rainforest.
As an artist, I find much of my inspiration from nature.
Our rainforests are one of the oldest in the world and it is home to many species of plants, birds, insects and wildlife.
This trail is a city green lung which is such a gem and is something I am grateful to have as our rainforests are fast disappearing.
Follow me into the forest and fall in love with our jungle with me 💚

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