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Sketch of the day no 701 in my Daler Rowney art Journal: Let the good Dreams work their way to your Soul.

dream catcher quote

Sketch of the day in my Daler Rowney art Journal is Dream catcher which I keep at the end of my bed.

Let the good Dreams work their way so your Soul.

Have a dreamy weekend xoxo

Sketch of the day no 638 in my ‪#moleskine‬ art journal: The Flask in ‪#Highgate‬. A historical British Pub

The Flask Pub, Highgate, London
The Flask Pub, Highgate, London

I forgot to post this sketch up yesterday…Sketch of the day in my ‪‎moleskine‬ art journal is of my local pub called The Flask in Highgate‬, London. It is a historical British Pub and has been around since 1663. This is probably one of my favourite pubs in summer when you can sit outside.

#sketch of the day no 421 in my moleskine art journal: Wanderlust. My MH plane to Bali

Malaysian airlines
Malaysian airlines

My recent trip to Bali was on Malaysian Airlines. Despite all that has happened I still support them. This is a sketch of the plane in my moleskine art journal whilst waiting in the lounge for my flight. I love to draw wherever I go. I only loaded the sketches now because I was limited to wifi where I was. You will see them here this week xx

Wanderlust. Acrylic on canvas abstract landscape painting

wanderlust. Acrylic on canvas
wanderlust. Acrylic on canvas

This is my first attempt at painting something different. I’ve been painting a lot of animals and flowers. This is my version of abstract landscape titled ‘Wanderlust’. I’m hoping to do more abstract contemporary work and experiment around to see what I like best.

It’s a mixture of my love of the sea and surfing, the evil eye from my trip to Istanbul, Turkey


Sketch of the day 81: Beach huts

Sketch of beach hut
Sketch of beach hut

In the theme of summer. Today’s sketch of the day are beach huts. I was in St Kilda, Australia last year and took loads of photos of these colourful beach huts. Each one is unique and colourful, they really make the beach look fun and pretty.

This is a reblog. First published on Jul 12, 2013. Since I’m still on the beach, I thought why not keep the beach theme. I will be back soon xoxo

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