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San Sebastian
San Sebastian

San Sebastian

The historic town of Sebastian in Northern Spain, basque country is beautiful and rich in heritage. It has the most amazing sunsets, food and I was lucky enough to be there during the festival where the town put on a sensational fireworks show at La Concha bay and there were musical performances on several streets.

Sketch of the day no 104: Jelly fish on the beach in Woolacombe, #Devon

Sketch of Jellyfish
Sketch of Jellyfish

Although I don’t like Jellyfish if they sting me, I do admit they are really beautiful creatures. On the beach in Willacombe, Devon, there were plenty of jellyfish washed ashore. The beach was a bit like a landmine. I had to concentrated on where I placed my feet so as not to step on them, but of course I did. Luckily it I didnt feel the sting. It just felt like stepping on jelly. ;p

Sketch of the day no 86 in my art blog: Trishaw from Penang by Penang based artist BulanLifstyle

Trishaw by Penang born artist

Today’s sketch of the day, as part of the transport series, is a vintage trishaw from Penang, Malaysia. This particular one is always parked on Stewart Lane outside the trishaw repair shop.

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