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It’s a sticker street art day in George Town Penang, Malaysia

sticker street art in George town Penang

Today was a sticker art day in George Town, Penang. I made some stickers for Hello, Hide and seek treasure hunt game organised by We Are Artists in conjunction with George Town Festival and I had some left over stickers to share some BulanLifestyle art around town.
The stickers are made of cork and will naturally biodegrade over time đŸ™‚

Hide and seek with Stewart the seagull and friends. ‘Hello Hide and seek’ is organised by We Are Artists in conjuction with George Town Festival 2015

stewart the seagull Penang street art

I’m going to go hide somewhere in George Town unesco heritage zone. Seek me and my friends out by downloading the location map from 

Good Luck!! Love Stewart the Seagull! Xoxo
‘Sometimes I still dream…’

Game play starts 1st August 2015 and runs throughout the whole of August. Event organised by We Are Artists. For more information visit or

Busy day of street art in #London

I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon wandering around Shoreditch, Turville street off Bricklane, Wheler Street, Chance Street and Waterloo Tunnel where I left a trail of stickers. See if you can spot them if you ever walk by there ;p

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