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starbucks chengdu

Sketch of the day no 315: Grand old Starbucks door in Chengdu, China

Starbucks Chengdu China
Starbucks Chengdu China

I spent a month backpacking in China in Dec 2012. Chengdu was the first city I flew into because it was the cheapest flight I could find. Being a tea drinking nation, I was happy to find a Starbucks in the old part of town. I don’t drink Starbucks at home, but I welcomed it in China!

Sketch of the day no 178: Starbucks Chengdu

Sketch of starbucks door chengdu
Sketch of starbucks door chengdu

Back to sketching doors, one of my favourite subjects. This is the entrance to Starbucks in Chengdu. An old building modernized to become Starbucks. I spent a month backpacking around North western China this time last year. This is a good example of globalization of commercial China. What was striking was everything old had been made new. It’s becoming difficult to find authentic China. Even travelling up to the Tibetan prefecture, signs of modernization was  widespread. That is the price to pay for commercialism at any cost.

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