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star wars

May the force be with you… 

Darth vadar

I went Christmas shopping and found this really cool star wars gift.  

Artisan Darth Vadar soap. Chemical free and all natural ingredients. 

Star Wars, one more sleep before The force awakens…


star wars X-wing fighter
One more sleep before I watch Star Wars the force awakens. I’ve heard great reviews. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Special Star Wars inspired sketch. Casper the Jedi. The Force awakens…

Casper Star wars merge
Master Casper. Star Wars Jedi Mash up

Special Star Wars inspired sketch. Casper the Jedi. The Force awakens…This Star Wars mash up was suggested by a friend who wanted me to dress up one of my animal characters in Star Wars theme. I accepted the challenge with the condition that her talented 7 year old son did the same. So here they are. Master Casper,my Star Wars Cat Jedi and young Tristan’s Captain “Dino” Rex.

Captain “Dino” Rex. Star Wars mash up by Tristan, age 7


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