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sock gremlin

Digital drawing no 36: sock gremlin.

Sock gremlin

Ever wonder where your sock went? Digital drawing of the day is of the cheeky sock gremlin. He steals my goggles too. 😬

Digital drawing no 35: sock Gremlin

Protect me from the haze ~ sock gremlin.

Protect me from the haze ~ sock gremlin. 
Digital drawing of the day is one of my favourite characters, the sock gremlin who steals socks in my house. If you keep on losing just one sock, you know who’s been in your place. 

Sketch of the day no 212: Sock Gremlin in colour, #TGIF

Sock Gremlin in colour
Sock Gremlin in colour

TGIF! I’m finally back home after ending up spending 10 days in Singapore. I have a habit of randomly going places and extending trips. This trip was for a good friends wedding and work which was a week long. How I ended up staying there almost another week exposes the lack of structure in my life. Now I have so much to catch up on and do. Besides work, my apt is a tip, my laundry is piling up and it doesn’t help when i have a friend staying over this weekend. Busy. hectic. Crazy weekend and next week….

I sketched this Gremlin last month and I finally have coloured it in. It is satisfying filling my sketches with colour. It’s so much easier than sketching and way more fun seeing the drawings come to life! Now i have to go tidy my place before the gremlin steals more socks.

Have a lovely weekend!

Sketch of the day no 190: Sock Gremlin! Happy Halloween

Sock Gremlin
Sock Gremlin

I found the Gremlin that keeps stealing my socks and goggles! He was hiding in, surprise, surprise the sock basket!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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