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Biro drawing of urban fox

Drawing of London urban fox

Fred the Fox came to visit this Monday morning and I managed to see him because he was noisily rummaging through the rubbish bags. He must have been really hungry to scale the fencing but do feel really awful for him as there was nothing to eat…🦊

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Biro drawing of Bertie the Brown rat

Drawing of Brown rat

Bertie, the Brown rat.Β  Apparently he can eat through anything AND he can hold his breath underwater for days. He’s a super rat and he’s rather posh as he lives in Kensington πŸ€
Biro pen in my moleskine sketchbook.

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King Charles Royal coronation emblem

King Charles Royal coronation emblem

Getting into the coronation spirit. Drawing of King Charles III new emblem designed by Sir JonyΒ pays tribute to nature.

Brush Pen and biro drawing in my moleskine sketchbook

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Biro drawing of Chaffinch bird

Chaffinch drawing

Spring is the season of new beginnings. With fresh blooms, come baby birds and there are plenty this season 🐦 It brings me joy to sit the backyard and watching the birds flit by.

Biro drawing of chaffinch in my moleskine sketchbook.

Biro drawing of tulips

Tulips drawing

I love spring and all the flowers that are blooming. 🌷

Drawing of tulips in my moleskine sketchbook using a biro pen.

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Portrait of Lemon the cat in biro

Cat portrait in biro

Lemon’s not impressed with her cat portrait ο™„
Eat, sleep, poop 😼

Feargal the Santa Dog

The Santa Dog

Happy Friday my friends. πŸΆβ€οΈπŸŽ…
Feargal the Tibetan terrier loves Christmas and giving presents to his favourite humans so this year he’s been recruited to be the Santa Dog to help bring Christmas cheer.

Tugs the Santa cat

Tugs the Santa cat

It’s beginning to look like Christmas and I continue to draw your Christmas pets as it’s the season to be jolly.
Tugs the Santa cat. He’s a cat, excuse his RBF. 😹 He gives great cuddles though and he loves his human. πŸ’•

The Christmas Elf

Lemon the Cat Elf

Today’s cat drawing is of Lemon the Christmas cat elf in my moleskine sketchbook. There is always that one mean Elf in the group and his name is Lemon πŸ±πŸ‹

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