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Hide and seek with Stewart the seagull and friends. ‘Hello Hide and seek’ is organised by We Are Artists in conjuction with George Town Festival 2015

stewart the seagull Penang street art

I’m going to go hide somewhere in George Town unesco heritage zone. Seek me and my friends out by downloading the location map from 

Good Luck!! Love Stewart the Seagull! Xoxo
‘Sometimes I still dream…’

Game play starts 1st August 2015 and runs throughout the whole of August. Event organised by We Are Artists. For more information visit or

Stewart the seagull street art on Buyukada island, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Street art: Stewart the seagull. Buyukada, Istanbul, Turkey

Im so happy to bring Stewart the seagull to Istanbul and finally he has landed safely. I set out to bring him home to Istanbul and finally it has happened. Stewart the seagull started off his flight from the island of Penang and now he is on the island of Buyukada, Istanbul.  He has many friends here and I’m sure he will be happy in his new home.

Istanbul Street art: Stewart the seagull. Buyukada, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Street art: Stewart the seagull art. Buyukada, Istanbul, Turkey

Stewart the seagull started off as a street art piece on a wall on 75 Stewart Lane in Penang. He lasted 2 years before he was painted over. Stewart then relocated to Gusto Cafe, Hillside, Penang where he is currently residing. Now, Stewart the seagull can be seen as part of Istanbul street art. I am sure he is happy here with the rest of the seagulls and birds.

Watch over the city and keep it safe my friend x

Sketch of the day no 514 in my art journal: stewart the seagull wish upon a star for your dreams to come true

Stewart the seagull “Wish upon a star” quote

Sketch of the day in my art journal is Stewart the #seagull wish upon a #star for your #dreams to come true.
The inspiration behind this is from my own experience last night.  I was sitting on my friend’s balcony looking out at the sea and I saw a shooting star.
It’s going to be a great year xoxo

Sketch of the day no 501 in my art journal: The first step is the hardest ~ stewart the seagull


Oops almost forgot to post this up. I was a bit busy being tour guide to some friends visiting.
Sketch of the day in my art journal: The first step is the hardest ~ stewart the seagull

Sketch of the day no 376: Seagull #Moleskine

sketch of seagull
sketch of Stewart the seagull

Sketch of seagull in my moleskine notebook which I take with me everywhere I go. Sometimes it only goes on holiday with me, but sometimes I do sketch in it 🙂

Penang Street art: You can remove me but you cannot take my dreams from me…

Sometimes I still dream...
Sometimes I still dream…Stewart the seagull is a determined bird.

StewART the seagull has been relocated from his home. These are the perils of living in the city. As a tenant, you can be kicked out anytime and replaced. Luckily stewART is a tough and resourceful Bird. He has found a new home and has taken his dreams with him…

Stewart Gusto

Sketch of the day no 321: StewART the seagull “Live Your Dream”

StewART the Seagull
StewART the Seagull street art: Live your dream.

StewART the seagull reminds us to live our dream. I meant to paint this somewhere outdoors but I didn’t feel like leaving my room, and so he ended up on my studio wall. Not quite a street art piece 🙂

Sketch of the day no 37: Stewart the Seagull and the story behind it

Today’s sketch of the day is Stewart the seagull. I got interested in seagulls after a story a couple told me about one of their encounters with seagulls whilst sailing around the world on their boat ‘Mind the Gap” (Actually it was a story about storks but I got them mixed up!) Anyway a group of seagulls were at sea, just like the couple on their boat. It was somewhere off South Africa where there was a storm that lasted days. They were weeks away from land so they had to pray and wait for the storm to pass. The seagulls too. (well storks) It started with 6 birds trying to seek shelter on their boat but everyday, one would be lost and finally the last survivor was left. He survived because he set aside all his human preconceptions and made friends with the couple. Survival instinct made him brave enough to not fly away into the storm. He was forced to face his human fears. After he made friends with the couple, he set up camp with them until the weather cleared and he fly away. The story really moved me to remember this brave bird. To celebrate his courage, I have painted and sketched seagulls and I love sharing this story.

Sketch of Sewart the seagull
stewart the seagull

Click here for seagull street art

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