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Book launch of Fear Not by Dublin poet Stephen James Smith

At the book launch of Fear Not by Dublin poet Stephen James Smith at the Embassy of Ireland, London.
In 2017 St Patrick’s Festival commissioned him to write a poem and ‘My Ireland’ was born. It was screened at trafalgar Square on St Patrick’s day this year.
Go buy the book and watch his poetry videos
P. S my illustrations made the cut. Woop woop. Fear not. ❤️

Fear not by Stephen James Smith featuring Stephen the seagull

Click link to Buy the book:

Digital drawing no 48: Stephen the Christmas seagull. 

Season’s greetings from Stephen the seagull

Season’s greetings and happy holidays to you and your family. 

Digital drawing of the day is of Stephen the Christmas seagull.

Digital drawing no 34: Stewart the seagull. 

Stewart the European herring gull

​Set your spirit free! 

Digital drawing of the day is of Stewart the seagull and friends. Stewart is a European herring gull. 

Digital drawing no 19: Seagull. 

Take a walk on the wild side. Stephen the seagull.

Take a walk on the wild side. 

Digital drawing today is of Stephen the Seagull. 

Sketch of the day no 1073 in my moleskine art journal. Stephen the seagull. 

Stephen the seagull from Galway bay

Happy earth day.

Guardian of Galway.

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of Stephen the seagull. He is a herring gull and lives in Galway bay.  Named after Irish port Stephan James Smith.


Stewart the seagull bird street art returns to the island of Penang at Gusto Cafe Hillside.

Stewart the seagull bird street art Penang. Sometimes i still dream.. at Gusto Cafe Penang

Stewart the seagull returns to the beautiful island of Penang after travelling thousands of miles to Istanbul and London.

This spray paint stencil art of Stewart the seagull first appeared on the island of Buyukada in Istanbul, and then Kasimpasa in Istanbul.  The beauty of stencil art is that it takes less than 5 mins and someone else can do the dirty job! This one is done by Jason for Gusto Cafe Penang.

Long live Stewart xoxo

Stewart the seagull is an inspirational bird

Stewart the seagull is now back at Gusto Cafe, hillside, Penang. He started his journey here and flew to Istanbul and back!

4, Jln Sg. Kelian, Tg. Bunga
Penang, Malaysia
04-890 4012

Unseen footage of street artist at work on Stewart the seagull, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Unseen footage of street artist at work on Stewart the seagull, George Town, #Penang, Malaysia. I completely forgot I had this video of my friend and I painting stewart the seagull, our first street art project. Good times.

Surf or Swim, which do you prefer?

StewART the seagull loves to surf
StewART the seagull loves to surf

I love both surfing and swimming. I took another day off today to chill by the beach. The waves were a bit small and I’m shattered to be honest. Last day to soak in the sun, beach and sea in Phuket before heading home. I thank the sun god for the clear blue skies!!

Before I leave, I had to make stewART the seagull have a go at surfing 🙂


Phuket HQ
Last day at Phuket HQ


Sketch of the day no 37: Stewart the Seagull and the story behind it

Today’s sketch of the day is Stewart the seagull. I got interested in seagulls after a story a couple told me about one of their encounters with seagulls whilst sailing around the world on their boat ‘Mind the Gap” (Actually it was a story about storks but I got them mixed up!) Anyway a group of seagulls were at sea, just like the couple on their boat. It was somewhere off South Africa where there was a storm that lasted days. They were weeks away from land so they had to pray and wait for the storm to pass. The seagulls too. (well storks) It started with 6 birds trying to seek shelter on their boat but everyday, one would be lost and finally the last survivor was left. He survived because he set aside all his human preconceptions and made friends with the couple. Survival instinct made him brave enough to not fly away into the storm. He was forced to face his human fears. After he made friends with the couple, he set up camp with them until the weather cleared and he fly away. The story really moved me to remember this brave bird. To celebrate his courage, I have painted and sketched seagulls and I love sharing this story.

Sketch of Sewart the seagull
stewart the seagull

Click here for seagull street art

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