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Sketch of the day no 505 in my art journal: fun retro pattern #tgif


Sketch of the day in my art journal is a fun retro pattern with diamonds and heart shapes. I think it could be used as a textile print.  I found inspiration from a vintage 60s dress that I like.
Weekend question. Something to think about. What do you think I could do with my designs?

Sketch of the day no 361: Tort the tortoise pattern

Tortoise pattern
Tortoise pattern

Love nature, respect our environment. Inspired by world turtle day 🙂

Sketch of the day no 357: KipKIp the bird and flower pattern

Kipkip the oriole
Kipkip the oriole

This is Kip Kip my sister in laws rescue bird. It’s a black naped oriole she rescued when it fell out of a nest as a baby. It’s fully grown now and healthy. She’s also rescues 2 other birds. A baby sunbird that fell out of the nest and another huge black bird (not sure what it was) that choked from eating something. They have both recovered and she has released them back into the garden.

Her latest rescue is piggy. She was found screaming outside our house by the rocks near the sea. She must have lost her way home. We asked all the neighbours around the area but couln’t find her parents. We’ve temporarily adopted her.

How cute am I?

Sketch of the day no 355: Vintage Penang Charm

Vintage penang charm
Vintage penang charm

I’m back on the island and today’s sketch represents my hometown’s charming heritage. I put together a collection of vintage Penang objects.

It makes me smile just looking at it! I hope you like it too 🙂

Sketch of the day no 343: Rosita the rosehip dancing pattern


Today a sketch is dancing Rosehip pattern. I’m off to the jungle overnight to see what I can spot in there! I will be internetless which is nice. No phone, no computer. A good detox from the stress of urban living!

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