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Pop art

John walker and sons whisky bottle painting

John walker & sons diamond jubilee bottle painting

Happy Queens Platinum Jubilee weekend ⭐👑 🥃
Queens Jubilee series #2 Johnnie walker diamond jubilee whisky bottle painted in acrylic on old Great Britain Road map.

The pink tiffin carrier

Pink tiffin carrier

The pink tiffin carrier.
Yes or no? Food is best shared with the people you love. 🌹

Mixed media on acid free paper
Size 410 x 295 mm

Available from my Etsy shop. .

Tiffin carrier pop art.


Happy Monday! What are you up to this week?
I have a lot of painting to finish…

The Tiffin carrier. Acylic on canvas.  Size 900mm x 600mm

An afternoon at Tate Britain, #London

Patrick caulfied
Patrick Caulfied

I finally went to Tate Britain this week to see two back to back exhibitions I’ve been meaning to visit for weeks. English artists Patrick Caulfied and Gary Hume. Patrick Caulfield‘s work appears to belong to the world of pop art. His bold canvases of his early work uses flat colour and simple lines to depict banal scenes of everyday objects and interior spaces, but it is in this simplicity that the mood is created. His later pieces incorporate photo realism into his early style, making the artwork look more like collage and mix media from afar.

Gary Hume
Gary Hume

Gary Hume works with enamel and gloss paint on aluminium, Similar to Patrick Caulfield is his use of flat colour, but the differences are the forms are organic, more abstract and instead of black outlines he uses relief giving a bit of texture to the flat paint.

I like the contrast and similarities of the two exhibitions. For me they work well together.

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