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pink flamingo

Sketch of the day no 554 in my moleskine art journal: without obsession life is mundane. I love Pink Flamingos.

Pink Flamingos

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is a bunch of pink flamingos with the quote ‘without obsession life is mundane’
I found this pattern on my retro sunglasses strap. It’s so kitsch I love Pink Flamingos.
Have a fun day x

#Sketch of the day no 436 in my Moleskine art journal: Felicity the Pink Flamingo goes to Studio 54

felicity the flamingo studio 54
felicity the flamingo studio 54

Psychedelic disco Felicity the Pink Flamingo goes boogying at Studio 54. I did say Felicity has taken on life on her own. First she went shopping, then she went dancing ;p

Giant Pink Flamingo goes underground in London

Pink flamingo tube map
Pink flamingo tube map

It’s Saturday and I was clearing out my junk and I found a tube map of London which I didnt need anymore. I thought wouldn’t it be so cool if the pink flamingo could get on it and maybe go sightseeing or shopping? I think I will call her Felicity the Flamingo 🙂



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#sketch of the day no 433 in my #moleskine art journal: I want to be a pink flamingo

pink flamingo sketch
pink flamingo sketch

Today’s sketch in my moleskine art journal is a pink flamingo. I just love them and they make me happy. I want to be a pink flamingo. xoxo

What do you want to be?

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