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Penang Local
Penang island local travel tips by

My friend and I started a new blog over at bringing you an insiders guide to Penang island local travel tips. We just started it so it will get better and better over time.

Many people who are planning their trips to Penang always ask us to recommend places to visit, to eat, to stay, to do…so here is a website to point you to the right direction because often we are too busy to give you an answer.

If you have never visited Penang, now is a good time to do some research!

Tropfest Sea 2015 in Penang


What a beautiful day for a festival. Sunday was the second time tropfest sea was held in Penang. My friends and I packed our picnic baskets and made a day and night out of it. It was fun. Im not a movie buff but I enjoyed myself. There was plenty of other activities including hanging out with my friends to keep my entertained.

Tropfest SEA
Tropfest SEA

Little Penang Street Market, Last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road, #PENANG, #MALAYSIA


Trishaw eco tote by BulanLifestyle
Get your own Trishaw eco tote by BulanLifestyle RM49

My Friends and I decided to get a stall At Little Penang Street Market yesterday. We shared 2 tables between the 3 of us. It made it more fun as a group activity and less like a chore. It was the first time I was showcasing my new trishaw totes and the handmade cards.

Little Penang Street Market is a showcase of arts, crafts and live performances held every last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road.

Little Penang Street Market is a non-profit making community venture, organised by a small volunteer committee. It is organised under the umbrella of Penang Arts Council, a registered society founded in 1954.

The Little Penang Street Market was founded in July 2006 with a grant from the Institute for Cultural Enterprise, New York. Its establishment in the first year was spearheaded by Lestari Heritage Network. From the beginning it has been our philosophy to establish a “market place” for cultural entrepreneurs. Artists, musicians and entrepreneurs need access to their audience and customers, while the public wants to discover a diversity of talent and products.
By providing a “market place”, we thereby create a space for cultural incubation and creative evolution – entrepreneurs can meet their public and get real feedback on what they have to offer.

Our stall at Little Penang street Market
Jewellery by RantaiĀ 
At our stall, Little Penang Street Market
Handmade cards by Bulanlifestyle
Hand made paper ear rings by Rantai
Little Penang St Market Performers
Little Penang St Market Performers getting ready
Cultural performances at Little Penang st market
the otehr stalls: Hand made bags
The other stalls: Hand made pouches and origami jewellery
Support local Penang products




Official Launch show of George Town Festival #GTF2014 Circus Circus at Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang, Malaysia

It was an awesome show this evening at the official launch of George Town Festival. Most of the photos are not mine. They were taken from the official GTF facebook because we were not allowed to take photos. I sneaked in one before the performance.

The first act by Wrecking crew orchestra from Japan wass amazing!

Check out their youtube video with over 7 million hits

Wrecking crew orchestra. Photo credit eric goh
Wrecking crew orchestra. Photo credit eric goh

The second act is from Finland. Race Horse Company performing acrobats on bouncy balls with incredible agility and skill

Race horse company. Photo credit eric goh
Race horse company. Photo credit eric goh

The 3rd act was Bunditpatanasilpa Institute Shadow dance from Thailand.

Bunditpatanasilpa Institute Shadow dance at Circus circus
Bunditpatanasilpa Institute Shadow dance at Circus circus

The 4th Act was Shanghai Starlight Acrobatic Troupe


Shanghai Starlight Acrobatic Troupe. Photo Credit Eric Goh
Shanghai Starlight Acrobatic Troupe. Photo Credit Eric Goh
Launch of #GTF2014
Launch of #GTF2014


Read about GTF2014 in the NY times today

For more info about George Town Festival click here





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