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penang street art

BulanLifestyle busy at work on a lotus Street art at Sunalini yoga on Hutton Lane, Penang. 

Penang street art in the making. Sunalini yoga studio, Hutton lane, Penang.

Penang Local

Penang street art. Lotus flower at Sunalini yoga on Hutton Lane

The artist busy at work on a lotus Mural at Sunalini yoga on Hutton Lane.

The lotus symbolises the cycle of life, death and rebirth. 🙏

Check out this yoga studio on TripAdvisor. It’s got great reviews.

If you are visiting Penang, do check it this new Penang street art and try a Iyengar yoga session with Sunalini.

Sunalini yoga studio on Hutton Lane, Penang

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Stewart the seagull bird street art returns to the island of Penang at Gusto Cafe Hillside.

Stewart the seagull bird street art Penang. Sometimes i still dream.. at Gusto Cafe Penang

Stewart the seagull returns to the beautiful island of Penang after travelling thousands of miles to Istanbul and London.

This spray paint stencil art of Stewart the seagull first appeared on the island of Buyukada in Istanbul, and then Kasimpasa in Istanbul.  The beauty of stencil art is that it takes less than 5 mins and someone else can do the dirty job! This one is done by Jason for Gusto Cafe Penang.

Long live Stewart xoxo

Stewart the seagull is an inspirational bird

Stewart the seagull is now back at Gusto Cafe, hillside, Penang. He started his journey here and flew to Istanbul and back!

4, Jln Sg. Kelian, Tg. Bunga
Penang, Malaysia
04-890 4012

Unseen footage of street artist at work on Stewart the seagull, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Unseen footage of street artist at work on Stewart the seagull, George Town, #Penang, Malaysia. I completely forgot I had this video of my friend and I painting stewart the seagull, our first street art project. Good times.

Penang Street art: You can remove me but you cannot take my dreams from me…

Sometimes I still dream...
Sometimes I still dream…Stewart the seagull is a determined bird.

StewART the seagull has been relocated from his home. These are the perils of living in the city. As a tenant, you can be kicked out anytime and replaced. Luckily stewART is a tough and resourceful Bird. He has found a new home and has taken his dreams with him…

Stewart Gusto

Sketch of the day no 321: StewART the seagull “Live Your Dream”

StewART the Seagull
StewART the Seagull street art: Live your dream.

StewART the seagull reminds us to live our dream. I meant to paint this somewhere outdoors but I didn’t feel like leaving my room, and so he ended up on my studio wall. Not quite a street art piece 🙂

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