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Penang Local
Penang island local travel tips by

My friend and I started a new blog over at bringing you an insiders guide to Penang island local travel tips. We just started it so it will get better and better over time.

Many people who are planning their trips to Penang always ask us to recommend places to visit, to eat, to stay, to do…so here is a website to point you to the right direction because often we are too busy to give you an answer.

If you have never visited Penang, now is a good time to do some research!

BulanLifestyle busy at work on a lotus Street art at Sunalini yoga on Hutton Lane, Penang. 

Penang street art in the making. Sunalini yoga studio, Hutton lane, Penang.

Penang Local

Penang street art. Lotus flower at Sunalini yoga on Hutton Lane

The artist busy at work on a lotus Mural at Sunalini yoga on Hutton Lane.

The lotus symbolises the cycle of life, death and rebirth. 🙏

Check out this yoga studio on TripAdvisor. It’s got great reviews.

If you are visiting Penang, do check it this new Penang street art and try a Iyengar yoga session with Sunalini.

Sunalini yoga studio on Hutton Lane, Penang

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