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penang hill

Sketch of the day no 1040 in my moleskine art journal : outdoor gym at no 5 Hill station in Penang

Penang Hill station no 5 outdoor gym

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle. 
Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of an outdoor gym at no 5 Hill station in Penang. I’ve been trekking a lot whilst in Penang. There are many great trails to explore but it this one is my all time favourite. 🌴

Sketch of the day no 671 in my moleskine art journal: Penang hill coach. Funicular railway. 1923 – 1977

original penang hill funicular coach

Sketch of the day no 671 in my moleskine art journal is of the original Penang hill coach. The old coach and railway was used between 1923 – 1977. The original wooden four compartment carriage with first and second class compartments.
In 1977 the carriages were replaced with new ones with automatic sliding doors and in 2010 the whole track and carriage was replaced to a new system.
There are a few stations between the bottom and the top of the hill to service the bungalows but they are hardly used these days so the new train just shuttles up and down carrying tourists along the 1km track. The ride takes about 5 mins non stop.

Sketch of the day no 670 in my moleskine art journal: retro style round light switch. Penang hill

retro style round light switch

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal are some retro style round light switches that I spotted up on Penang hill at Belle Vue hotel. I love vintage finds and exploring Penang for all these treasures.

#sketch of the day no 536 in my #moleskine #artjournal: straits rhododendron flower. A pretty tropical wild flower from #penang hill

Straits rhododendron flower. Sendudok

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is a Straits Rhododendron flower, a pretty tropical wild flower from Penang hill to kickstart the week.
I’m trying out using watercolour in my sketchbook to see if it works as well as marker pens. I’m still debating if I want to carry on using faber castell ink pens or switch to watercolour. I have already started to switch from sharpie pens to faber castell because the sharpie pens bleed through the paper but the faber castell pens do not.  I learnt that better quality pens do not have alcohol content that makes the ink bleed through the paper. I guess that’s why there is a price difference. I learnt something new.


Sketch of thr day no 491: Abandoned yamaha scrambler on Penang Hill

Yamaha scrambler

I found this abandoned yamaha srambler bike up on Penang Hill. There’s something beautiful about this rusty old thing.  I think im drawn to broken things.
‘It’s easier to mend this broken bike than my broken heart” ~ just saying. …

Sketch of the day no 485 in my art journal: Giant blue scorpion

Giant blue scorpion drawing
Giant blue scorpion illustration

Sketch of the day in my art journal is the Giant blue scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer). I encountered whilst trekking up Penang Hill. Built like a machine and armed for war! It is 6 inches in size and lives in the forest.

Luckily I didnt step on him. It would have been painful.

My first train ride on the new funicular train down Penang Hill. It is awesome!

This is the first time I’ve been on the new train down Penang Hill. Normally I walk up and down but my friend wanted to go on the train where her car was parked and I have never been so I followed her. The ride takes 4 mins. I have sped up the video.

Enjoy the ride and the view x

A must watch if you have never experienced Penang Hill train ride. The ride down in fast forward is like a rollercoaster.

The ride time:  4.5 mins

Length 1.997 KM : Longest in Asia
Tunnel Gradient 27.9 Degrees : Steepest tunnel in the world
Operational since 1923 but upgraded in 2010

Operational hours: 6.30am – 9pm daily

The view is spectacular and the timing is impeccable as another train is seen crossing.
If you are visiting Penang, go check it out out!


First trek up Penang Hill this year 2015


Yesterday I trekked up Penang hill for the first time this year. It is a 5km trail that goes up to 2,723 ft (833m) I used to do this really often but I haven’t been for a while so I thought it was a good idea to tick it off my new year’s list. I clocked in 1hr 06 which I think is a fairly decent time.
The view and the scenery makes the torture worthwhile. Lots of pretty flowers, monkeys and i saw a giant blue scorpion and a monitor lizard.


Penang hill is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia.  There was a furnicular railway constructed in the early 1900s. Today it has been modernised and the train ride takes 4 mins.


Sketch of the day no 332: Torch Ginger from Penang Hill

IMG_20140424_185915 IMG_20140423_175418

Today’s sketch is another type of ginger called torch ginger. I learned this from the ginger garden up on Penang hill and from the tropical spice garden.

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