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pen drawing

Biro pen drawing of Meerkat

Meerkat drawing

Blue biro Pen drawing of Meerkat from my London zoo visit.

Pen drawing of Alpine ginger cat

Alpine Ginger cat drawing

Drawing of the day of the resident ginger cat at the chalet I’m staying at in the alps. It’s snowing a lot today so I’ve decided to stay in to draw in my moleskine sketchbook.

Sketch of the day no 663 in my moleskine art journal: Penang satay

penang satay

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of our national dish Satay. Skewers of meat, usually chicken. Served with peanut sauce and some side vegetables of cucumber, onions and ketupat (rice cakes)
Happy eating!

#sketch of the day 434 in my moleskine art journal: Snail mail. Sent with love xoxo

Moleskine sketch: Wooden mailbox

Today’s sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is a wooden mailbox I came across one day on my walks around my hometown of Penang. This is so old school. A wooden mailbox. I love receiving letters, cards, parcels through the mail. It’s become very rare these days, which makes it extra special when I do receive something! (except for bills)

wooden mailbox
wooden mailbox

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