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Flamingo and bird pattern

Flamingo and bird pattern

What do you think?

I’ve been making patterns with my drawings. So many of my friends have been suggesting that i do this.

This one started with Felicity the Flamingo as the star and then adding other elements in to make it a complete design.

It’s early days and I’m still learning. So much to learn but endless possibilities.

Photoshop is my new best friend šŸ’™ā¤ļøšŸ’œšŸ’š

Nutmeg patternĀ 

Nutmeg pattern

Happy Humpday. 

Nutmeg pattern.  

Pinang palm tree pattern.Ā 

Pinang or areca palm tree pattern

Tropical island vibes. Pinang or Areca palm tree pattern. Penang island is named after this palm treešŸŒ“

Clove pattern.

Clove pattern

Happy Monday and Happy October! Here’s a pretty pattern for today of a clove plant. 

Hugo the wire haired daschund pattern.Ā 

Hugo the wire haired daschund pattern

Hugo the wire haired daschund pattern. Woof

Zebra patternĀ 

Zebra pattern

Happy Humpday. Here’s a Zebra pattern I’ve been working on. 

Clown triggerfish pattern. šŸ’›

Clown triggerfish pattern

Most things are prettier in nature. Clown triggerfish pattern. šŸ’›

Puffer fish patternĀ 

Puffer fish pattern

Happy MONDAY. 

Puffer fish pattern 

Moorish idol pattern.Ā 

Moorish idol pattern

Good morning. Have a beautiful weekend. 

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