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Please check out my Etsy shop.

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally uploaded some of my new paintings onto my Etsy shop.

My new year’s resolution is to start being more organised and focused with my art and to start selling works.

Otherwise how am I to survive as an artist?

I don’t have a gallery yet to sell my art for me. (someone jump in here!) Selling and marketing has never been my strong point, which is why I’m an artist. Ironically, without the sales skill, I will not survive doing what I do. Maybe this is the reason artists have part time jobs.

If you have been following my blog for a while you probably have realised that I do have part time jobs. Visit where my friend and I blog about our hometown, manage airbnbs and offer guided food tours.

Now go check out my shop, create some traffic and help to share the news. 🌹

Thank you for your support. I appreciate it 🙏

The scent of home. A capsule collection for Josh Lee fragrances.

The Scent of home capsule collection. Botanical paintings

The scent of home. A capsule collection of botanical watercolour paintings for Josh Lee fragrances.

I had this idea to collaborate with Josh Lee fragrances, a talented independent fragrance maker, and a good friend of mine. This capsule collection is my visual scent of home which perfectly compliments his perfumes that are inspired by our hometown of Penang.

Sometimes my vision stays in my head forever and this one is one of those projects which took a while to evolve in my mind.

Hope you like them 🌺❤️🌹

Nyonya by Josh Lee fragrances

Treasures of a Straits Chinese. See the beauty within: Sunflower. G hotel art Gallery 1 Feb – 30 Apr 2018

See the beauty within. Sunflower. G hotel Gurney Penang art gallery. 1 feb – 30 apr 2018

#21 See the beauty within: Sunflower. This sunseeking flower is a symbol of happiness, loyalty and longevity

I will be having my first solo art exhibition, Treasures of a Straits Chinese G hotel art gallery in Penang from the 1 February – 30 April 2018

Come support me and own your first piece of BulanLifestyle art

T8 Start booking your flights and your hotel. It’s also Thaipusam the day before, the most sensational festival in the world happening in Penang

‘8’ art exhibition opens at China house, Penang. at China house art gallery Penang 

‘8’ art exhibition opens at China house, Penang. showcasing 8 women artists. 

China house art exhibition

Venue : China house, Lebuh pantai, Penang.

Duration : 21 November – 20 December 2017 

Peace, not war.


peace, not war.
Peace, not war. 

I’m working on some water pistol acrylic paintings to add to my growing collection. I don’t believe in owning guns but I do love water pistols. 

Happy weekend xoxo

Tiffin carrier pop art.


Happy Monday! What are you up to this week?
I have a lot of painting to finish…

The Tiffin carrier. Acylic on canvas.  Size 900mm x 600mm

Fly away with me. Dragonfly painting on canvas.

Dragonfly. Fly away with me

Fly away with me. Dragonfly painting on canvas. Size 600mm ×600mm.
I’ve started painting again and I may not have time to sketch so much. I’m starting to convert my sketches into larger paintings. This one is based on sketch 815. Hope you will like them. ♥️

The dog icons. Quadriptych. Acrylic on canvas. They are ready to come home.

The dog icons. Quadriptych.  Acrylic on canvas. Size 1' X 1'
The dog icons. Quadriptych.
Acrylic on canvas. Size 1′ X 1′

I’ve been working on these for a few weeks now. I’ve been doing more staring rather than painting which is part of my work process.

The models for my work is Buddy the Whippet, Chiko the rescue dog, Bao Bao the Chinese dog and Mojo the Belgian Malinois.

These paintings are inspired by Christian paintings from the middle ages. I have replaced the gold halo normally used in Christian paintings with a blue moon which is more in tune with the Bulan (moon) Lifestyle.

Title. The (dog) Icons. Quadriptych. Acrylic on canvas.

They are finally ready for adoption. Hope you like them 🙂

An afternoon at the Affordable Art Fair 2015 Hampstead, London, UK

Affordable Art Fair Hamptead, London 2015

Adding a splash art to a gloomy British Sunday afternoon. I just popped over to the affordable art fair in Hampstead, London. Today’s the final day and I’m so glad I made it there despite the weather. It’s always great to see what other artists are doing and to feel inspired.
The art works are priced £50 – £5000. There were tons of people visiting and buying art.
The selection of artwork above are some of my favourite pieces of artwork. They are colourful, vibrant pieces that made me smile. I’m quite simple like that when looking at art 🙂

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