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Teddy Bear. Art by Ling #8

Painted teddy bear
Painted teddy bear

This is the final one I have for now of my mum’s painted stool series. It is a teddy bear bride, which is apt since I just came back from Thailand to celebrate the wedding of my dearest friends x

Peonies. Art by Ling #7 #FF

painted peonies chair
painted peonies chair

Correct me if I am wrong but I think these are peonies painted on a happy yellow background. It is so cheery and summery. I love this one a lot.

Thank god it is Friday. Have a great weekend! I’m off to Thailand for my friends wedding. It’s more of a working holiday than a holiday as I will be helping out at the wedding as a minion! Looking forward to spending the weekend with all my friends. What are you up to this weekend? xoxo

Garland of roses. Art by Ling #5

garland of roses painted on stool
garland of roses painted on stool

I’m a bit late in the day for my post today. Another painted stool from my mum’s collection.

I’m back in the city and I just had the longest but most amazing day catching up with some of my  closest friends I haven’t seen in more than a month. I randomly bumped into a few people whilst doing my groceries because all slots for breakfast, lunch and dinner were filled up. I must be old because I feel exhausted. This unexpectedly social day is rare for me these days as I hardly go out. I have started to be a real recluse which is not always such a good thing.

Daisies. Art Chair by Ling #5

Painted stools
Painted stools

I just noticed that my mum dates her work. This one is marked 04 which makes it 10 years old! She didn’t paint often but she consistently painted over the years. She would paint things and give them away to her friends. She never painted commercially. Just as her hobby.

Butterfly and hydrangea flowers. Art Chair by Ling #3


More painted chairs from my mum’s art collection. Have a great week!

Painted flower chair. Art by Ling #2 #FF

painted chair
painted chair

Another one of my mum’s paintings. She painted a lot of wooden stools. This one is of flowers.

Have a great weekend xoxo

Launch of Chairity 2014: arts + design against cancer

Chairity at The Edge Galerie
Chairity at The Edge Galerie

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir,  a leader, a human rights activist and positive voice for non-governmental organizations such as the Malaysian AIDS Foundation and sisters of Islam, officially launched The Chairity for cancer exhibition yesterday at the Edge Galerie, KL.

This project was initiated by National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to raise cancer awareness. 15 Malaysian based artist were invited to create a series of artwork using an armchair as their canvas.

I was invited in October 2013 to participate in this event. I received the chair in Dec, a few months later and was busy working on it. I stressed and panic over how to convey the message thought my artwork, but now seeing the final product on display at the art gallery, I feel a sense of relief. I feel proud and honoured to be part of this project.

The artists
The artists


Photos below are of the 15 Chairs by 15 artists

The one by Stephen Menon
Ahimsa by Sivarajah Natarajan
Blooming by Yim Yensum
The Memory chair by Rebecca Duckett
Will by Yau Bee Ling
Reflection by Chong Siew Ying
Tribute to Bapak by Paiman
I say a little prayer for you by Ruzzeki Harris
Love by Archana Marshall
Hope, Courage, Change by Tiffany Choong
Hope, Courage, Change by Tiffany Choong
The journey/The Light by Allahyarham Tunku Munirah who sadly passed away last month
Ada Hikmah/Reason by Mex
Mak by Muhammad Akmal Bin Borhan
The Madonna Chair by Anurendra Jegadeva
The Edge Galerie

The exhibition will on until Sunday 18th May 2014. The chairs are for sale. If you would like to place a bid, pls fill in the form below and email to

chairity bidder form
chairity bidder form

Chairs for Chairity, a cancer awareness campaign featured in the Edge newspaper

Chairity for cancer 2014
Chairity for cancer 2014


The chairs by 15th Malaysian artists and designers will be auctioned off on Thursday 15th May 2014 at the Edge Gallerie, Publika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Art for life: Seats of artistic inspiration, campaigning for cancer awareness

Chairty NST image
Chairs for “Chairity” NST image

My Chair for Chairity is featured in the New Straits Times paper today! 🙂


A charity project for cancer displays works on teakwood armchairs, writes Meera Murugesan

CANCER often brings to mind pain, suffering and death. Naturally, being diagnosed and treated for the disease is a highly emotional journey. There’s fear, confusion and doubt but it can also be a journey with a happy ending, one that leaves the survivor stronger and more courageous.

It’s this inspiring note that is captured by the artists commissioned by the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) for a charity project called Chairity 2014.


For this unique fundraising project, artists are called upon to create works of art on teakwood armchairs. The idea had its roots in Singapore where the concept was founded by Back Rest Singapore, a furniture company, and supported by the Singapore Cancer Society.

The objective is to create a unique platform for artists and designers to come up with a series of visual artworks to support cancer patients and promote cancer awareness.

The 15 participating artists were each given a piece of white fabric commonly used to upholster furniture and the frame of a teakwood armchair to use as their ‘’canvas”.

The theme was cancer and they had to project their thoughts of the disease. Each artist had two months to work on the project.

The finished pieces of fabric were then upholstered onto the chair frames for free by Fella Design.


The result is stunning, with armchairs that are scene-stealing conversation pieces, boasting a colour palette that is bold and vibrant, and artwork that is beautifully inspiring and eye-catching.

Some artists hasn’t just used the upholstery fabric as their canvas but they have also chosen to paint on the frame of the chair as well, while others have added accessories onto the chairs to showcase their interpretation of the theme.
“Each piece is one-of-a-kind because each artist has shown his own unique perspective of the theme,” says Clare Ratnasingham, vice president and project director for NCSM.

Many of the artworks on the chairs also capture nature at its best and in a highly creative manner.

Rebecca Duckett’s chair for example is hand painted in layers and she has added a fish motif to her artwork, a motif that is a particular favourite of hers.

On the fabric, she sponged and hand painted base layers and then printed little flower shapes using ladyfingers, a technique many of us would remember from childhood art classes. It was Duckett’s father who first taught her to create vegetable prints and the technique holds fond memories for her.

Her chair is colourful and whimsical, drawing the eye with its striking motifs and the bright red polka dots that adorn the frame of the chair add to its carefree, playful image.

Tiffany Choong’s piece, called Bulan, also stands out with its bold use of colour. The piece was inspired by her friend who, after he was told he had stage three cancer, chose alternative therapy and lifestyle to give himself the chance of survival.

In keeping with this, the landscape painting on the front of the chair represents organic agriculture and is a reminder to us to appreciate the outdoors and lead a stress-free, happy life.

The bold colours that Choong has used, draw inspiration from fruit and vegetables with high anti-oxidant qualities and are good for the body such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and wheatgrass. In keeping with the organic theme, Chinese tea has been used as a natural stain to enhance the colour of the wooden frame of the chair, and virgin coconut oil is used to seal and polish the wood.

“In the beginning some artists were a little apprehensive and confused because the theme was cancer but in the end, everyone came through beautifully,” says Viji Nair, project manager for NCSM.


Also taking a cue from nature is a vibrant piece by Sivarajah Natarajah. The wooden frame of his chair is painted a striking blue and provides a stark contrast to its mustard yellow upholstery fabric which boasts an eye-catching painting of a monkey on the backrest and a lizard on the seat.

On the other hand, Reflections by Chong Siew Ying uses only black and white to tell its story but it stands out with the intricately painted forest landscape on the backrest and seat, both of which are mirror images of one another.

One piece that is particularly special is by Tunku Munirah Tunku Mustapha who is herself battling cancer. Despite this, her nature inspired artwork boasts blue skies and lush greenery and shows there can be freedom from pain and suffering for every cancer patient if they remain strong in their journey.

Ruzzeki Harris takes a slightly different turn. The frame of his chair is painted black to portray the sombre mood of a cancer patient while two hands raised in prayer painted on the backrest, represent the prayers of the artist for the wellbeing of those battling cancer.

However, all is not gloom in this piece as colourful polka dots adorning the black frame of the chair and the seat, represent positive energy that patients often feel when they are in the presence and support of close family and friends.
“At NCSM we believe there is life after cancer. It’s not all about doom and gloom, and this lively fund raising project ties in well with that philosophy,” says Clare.

The chairs will be auctioned at The Edge Gallery in Mont Kiara on May 15. The event will be launched by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir. All proceeds will go to NCSM for distribution to its five centres.

The chairs will be exhibited at the gallery until May 18. Those hoping to make an early bid for the chairs can contact Viji at 03-2698 7300.

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