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Oriental pied hornbill

Oriental pied hornbill

I was going to draw and then I got distract by some gardening that lasted all afternoon, and then I went for a long walk and tired myself out. Luckily I remembered I had this drawing of an oriental pied hornbill in oil pastels on paper that I did last year after my cousin sent me a photo of a pair of them visiting their balcony in Singapore.

Stretlitzia reginae aka bird of paradise

Stretlitzia reginae aka bird of paradise

Study of Stretlitzia reginae aka bird of paradise in pastels on paper.Β  Reference image by Francis Bauer from my key gardens botanical book.
I’ve been so busy painting a mural that it’s so relaxing going back to pastels 🧑

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The Asian Honey Bee

The Asian Honey bee

The Asian honey bee in pastels and colour pencils on paper.
The bee came to my balcony but I wasn’t fast enough to take a photo of it. I had toΒ  Google it to see what it was and this drawing is referenced from Wikipedia.
I’ve been really enjoying using the time in lockdown to experiment drawing with different materials.
I might try something new again next week. Stay tuned.

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Peace Lily drawing

Peace lily drawing

I’ve missed drawing in my sketchbook after all the digital work. It’s so much more natural drawing on paper compared to my tablet. I guess I’m really old school as this is how I’ve drawn from the start and the change to digital drawing is so draining, however it is satisfying learning new skills.

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Peach face lovebirds

Peach face lovebirds

Happy Monday!
Today has been productive. I finally completed this Pet portrait commission of 6 lovebirds. I needed this to motivate myself to start painting.
It’s been such a struggle to stay in the right mindset to create. The most important lesson for me is to not slide too far down into the abyss. Everyday I catch myself from falling by adding and allowing activities that bring me joy.
Stay safe and stay sane my friends πŸ’š

Into the forest I go…

I love the natural world and going for hikes in our tropical rainforest.
As an artist, I find much of my inspiration from nature.
Our rainforests are one of the oldest in the world and it is home to many species of plants, birds, insects and wildlife.
This trail is a city green lung which is such a gem and is something I am grateful to have as our rainforests are fast disappearing.
Follow me into the forest and fall in love with our jungle with me πŸ’š

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Octopus face mask

Octopus face mask

Introducing Otto the octopus face mask. πŸ™

Shop my collection of unique fun washable wearable art face masks which highlight endangered animals, wildlife, flora and fauna for conservation awareness and appreciation of the beauty around us.

Please stay home or wear a face mask when you leave the house. 😷

Stay safe and stay alert.

Argggh, what do you mean we are still in lockdown and can’t fly?


Argggh, what do you mean we are still in lockdown and can’t fly?

Sketch of the day no 1374 in my moleskine sketchbook is of i think is an Anhinga

Who would travel if lockdown is over and travel restrictions are lifted and where would you go?

Tree swallow

Tree swallow

Hello June! Is it time to emerge from my cosy cave? Am I the only person who is suffering anxiety from going out? I’m going to meditate on it πŸ€”

Sketch of the day no 1373 in my moleskine sketchbook : Tree swallow πŸ’™

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