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Tiger Moth illustration

Tiger Moth illustration

If I see it, I’m going to draw it. It’s always just a matter of when. I spotted this Moth on Sunday. I love spotting random insects when I’m out and about. It’s a reminder that we need to take the time to slow down to appreciate the small things in life…

Tiger Moth.
Acrylic on paper.

World’s weirdest looking moth at Earth Lodge, Ulu Muda, Malaysia

Moth that looks like a deer and mask
unusual weird wooden Moth with big eye that looks like a deer and mask. Tarsolepis taiwana Notodontidae

I’m out of the Jungle. I had the most amazing 24 hours.

Before I start compiling my jungle photos, here is one I had to share. It is the most incredible looking moth I have ever seen!! I thought it was the cutest wood carved key chain shaped like a deer head sitting on the table….. then I thought, hang on, there’s no keys attached to it….I looked closer and realised it’s a moth. I looked around the room to see if I could find another similar one, there were a few flying around the lights, than I found another one resting on the floor with it’s wings spread open slightly. It looked more like a mask. From far, in the dark, it looked like darth vadar but with the camera flash it’s not so similar.

I have no idea what this moth is called. It should be named the transformer! 🙂 Is this a new species of moth??

More photos to follow 🙂

Thank you to Sagedoyle for identifying this as Prominent moth. Tarsolepis taiwana Notodontidae. Mystery solved!!

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