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Chairity for National Cancer Society Malaysia

Chairity 2014
Chairity 2014

Today I finally got to see my chair fully upholstered as a finished product. I went to the National Cancer society office to check out my Chair for Chairity, a cancer awareness campaign organised by National Cancer Society Malaysia. My chair and the other 14 fabulous chairs by Malaysia’s top artists will be auctioned off on Thursday 15th May at the Edge Gallerie at Publika to raise money for the cancer charity.

I’m so happy with the end result. I was a bit scared in anticipation but I was so relieved when I saw it.

12 chairs have been designed by Malaysia’s top artists and 2 chairs are by invitation, one of them is mine 🙂

You can read about how I came up with the chair design in my previous post. Click here

More info to follow!

Sketch of the day no 201: VW camper caravan in colour

VW Camper caravan in colour
VW Camper caravan in colour

Today since I have already accumulated 200 ink sketches, I have decided to continue the process by adding colour digitally to my sketches. One a day. This is the coloured version of the classic retro VW hippie camper caravan.

Hope you like them better in colour. Have a great week x

Sketch of the day 182: Vintage Vespa

Vintage Vespa
Vintage Vespa

I don’t have a motorbike licence but I do ride scooters every so often. We grew up with a tiny suzuki 50cc in the garden. Well, it was my eldest brothers, but we all got to use it. His second bike was a BMW. About a decade or so ago, he and his friend took it on a tour from Nepal to UK. I don’t know how they did thinking back. In those days you actually had to read a map! This is his latest bike. I’m not allowed on it cos I had a really bad accident on a scooter whilst on holiday in Bali a few back. I have proven myself to be unworthy to ride this Vespa.

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