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Celebrating Malaysian women in arts on international women’s day.

Celebrating Malaysian women in arts. Tiffany Choong.

Penang art district celebrates Malaysian women in arts with this list and I’m in it.

Thank you very much for including me. It is an honour to be recognised for my work.

Follow the link for the full list of Malaysian women artists.

The journey has begun: Working on my first solo exhibition. 

BulanLifestyle work in Progress

I’ve been a bit busier recently as I’ve started working on my first solo art exhibition. The reality of it is still sinking in as I didn’t plan for it but when the time feels right and the door opens, I felt confident enough to venture into the unknown. 

The exhibition is still a long time away. It’s next February 2018 but i need to pull myself together and have a full body of work by year end. That’s just 4 months away!  So I have been trying to get into work mode which is easier said then done. 

What does an artist do all day? 

I’m not sure what other artists do all day but I think a lot. I think and read more than I create. I’ve spoken to a few of my artist friends about this and they are similar. 

The thought process takes up most of the time and the actual execution of the artwork is the easiest part. I let ideas perculate in my head. It rolls and bounces around when I’m awake,  when I’m asleep, when I’m talking to people. It takes on a life of its own.  Finally when it’s ready, it emerges like a newborn. Crazy as I am, I consider all my artworks my babies. It comes from within me, it is me. 

My daily sketches have helped in the creative process. By sketching daily and doing the homework subconsciously has helped me formulate ideas and concepts faster. By retrospectively analysing my sketches, I have uncovered the reason for them. What started as a challenge, became my therapy, to learning about myself and a sense of nostalgic interest in my heritage. In essence a philosophical question of finding who am I. 

My ideas may change by year end. Let’s see what comes out of this. 

And now back to work! Or thinking… 

Bulanlifestyle mentioned in Malaysia Tatler as local artist to follow :)

Tatler bulanlifestyle
Bulanlifestyle featured in Tatler Malaysia as local artists to follow

As featured in Tatler Malaysia. Thank you for the mention!! What a lovely surprise. I consider it an honour when Tatler lists me as a local artist to follow.

“If you can’t find the time to support local artists by visiting your nearest art gallery, you could just as easily start by ‘following’ Joee and these 4 Instagram accounts.”

It’s very encouraging when local media start to pick up on my work. As an artist, all I have to use as a gauge is my instinct and heart. It is all about the passion. There is no set path you can follow. I often sit at home and wonder if I am doing the right thing. I don’t know. I don’t have the answer. For me I will continue doing what I do as long as I have a roof over my head and as long as my art makes me happy 🙂

Do follow me on Instagram: Bulanlifestyle_art

Have a beautiful week and keep doing what makes you happy.


Digital drawing no 8: Green Tiger beetle. 

Digital drawing is of Green Tiger beetle. Cicindela campestris from the Natural history museum in Oxford. 

Set Your Spirit Free…Read about my life as a Bohemian artist from Penang on Uppre. Thank you for the feature xoxo


Set Your Spirit Free…Read about my life as a Bohemian artist from Penang on Uppre online lifestyle magazine.

Thank you for the feature

To read more:

Sketch of the day no 700 in my Daler Rowney art journal: I want to be a fly on the wall

i want to be a fly on the wall!

Today is a big number day. Thank you all for following me on my daily art journey.

Sketch of the day no 700 in my Daler Rowney art journal is how I feel.

I want to be a fly on the wall.

Enjoy the rest of the week and I love you all for the support and encouragement!

Leading the Bulan kind of lifestyle. A conversation with Penang born artist, Tiffany Choong. Media coverage Fireflyz magazine 2015

Fireflyz January 2015 Leading the Bulan kind of lifestyle
Fireflyz January 2015 Leading the Bulan kind of lifestyle. A conversation with Penang born artist, Tiffany Choong

I am so thankful for this awesome double spread article in the Firefly airlines in flight magazine. Fireflyz January 2015 issue. The Bulan Lifestyle takes to the sky! What a great start to my year as an artist.

If you want to read the full article, it is page 56 and 57 in the link below.

Fireflyz Magazine january 2015
Fireflyz Magazine january 2015

BulanLifestyle in the local news. NST: Fundraiser for children with heart disease

NST bintang the bear helps raise funds for kids
NST bintang the bear helps raise funds for children with heart disease

December has arrived. Tis the season to give back. Read all about how Bintang the Bear can help change lives. This article is in the New Straits Times (NST) today.

Pls go buy a bear from Le Meridien, Aloft, Sheraton or Westin KL

Bintang bears by Starwood Hotel
Bintang bears by Starwood Hotel

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Preview of Rajinder Singh’s ‘the ceiling floats away with a sigh…’ at WEILING GALLERY

The artist, Rajinder Singh

IMG_20140715_195305 IMG_20140715_195314 IMG_20140715_195529 IMG_20140715_195631 IMG_20140715_201716 IMG_20140715_195641

I feel a deep emotional connection with his monochrome paintings. This is my personal spiritual story. The contrast between darkness and light transcends my mind to another contemplative realm. This is the emotion i felt at Thaipussam and this is what I saw with my eyes. An explosion of light emanating from darkness, filled with energy.

The exhibition continues until 4th August 2014

This  is the first solo exhibition by Rajinder Singh, the London-based Malaysian artist with the gallery and his first show in Malaysia since 2010. In a series of 11 black monochrome paintings, Ipoh-born Singh, re-contextualises his research questions about space, material and knowledge.

The paintings are directly influenced by the artist’s studio research and abstract sculptures and installations shown at The Institute of Contemporary Arts in Singapore between the years 2009 to 2012.
The monochromes are constructed using layers of sculpted acrylic paint on large pieces of acetate applied using an elaborate and a highly involved process used in painting automobile plastics.
Rajinder Singh’s current work is based on the notion of perceived spaces that distend from apertures and portals, such as the shrine, the prayer mat, the temple, located in real world spaces and holding the eternal promise of a latent existence of another fold in another cosmos. Rajinder’s work draws upon the physical presence of these transitional spaces which he orchestrates to create incidental and unexpected experiences. In his new paintings, he investigates how the experience of this and the otherworld is framed by built spaces in the real world.

Rajinder’s background in philosophy and mathematics is the driving force behind his art practice. He is interested in the possibilities of knowledge outside the domain of traditional paradigms. Rajinder’s research today is based on sculptural interventions situated somewhere between the architectural space and the materials he uses to shape it. “I am interested in sculptures that are perched in between form and formlessness, either leaking away or resolutely building some potential for site-specific systems of knowings.” Rajinder sets out to traumatize the body through disrupted, dislocated architectural spaces forcing the viewer to pause and question certitudes, abandoning for a short moment the subjectivity and significance of built space.

Rajinder’s work has seen considerable exposure worldwide. He was recently selected as final worldwide 400 of ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’, a London based initiative between Thames & Hudson and curator Kurt Beers. He was also a 2nd round selection finalist for the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London in April 2013. He last showed in Buenos Aires Argentina in January 2014. He lives and works between London and Dublin.

Wei-Ling Contemporary
G212 Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall,Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T +603 2282 8323 F +603 2260 1107

For more details please visit:-

Artist website


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