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Queens Platinum Jubilee series #6 : Union Jack umbrella ☔

Union Jack umbrella

Any guesses which is the rainiest city in Britain?
Queens Platinum Jubilee series #6 : Union Jack umbrella ☔
Acrylic on old Great Britain Road Atlas.

Queens Platinum Jubilee Series #4 Dartmoor Pony.

Dartmoor pony

I’m really enjoying painting on the old road atlas of Great Britain. Who knew upcycling could be so fun.

Queens Platinum Jubilee Series #4 Dartmoor Pony.

Acrylic on old Great Britain Road Atlas.

Queens Platinum Jubilee series #3 Cream tea

Cornish cream tea painting

Who loves cream tea?
Jubilee series #3 : cream tea
Acrylic on old street directory of Great Britain.

Queens Platinum Jubilee art series #1

The Queens Guard

It’s the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations this week and to mark this occasion I started a new series of paintings on an old Street map of Great Britain.

This first one is of the Queens Guard featuring Stewart the Seagull, painted in watercolour.

Grey Squirrel biro pen drawing

Grey squirrel pen drawing

I went for a walk to Regents Park and met this super cute squirrel. We became instant friends and I’ve named him Simon 💕

NHS portait for heroes

Professor Janice Tsui

Today’s portrait is to honour the heros of NHS, who are risking their lives everyday on the frontline to keep the country safe.
I was bursting with pride to paint this portrait of my dearest friend Professor Janice Tsui, honorary consultant vascular surgeon at UCL/ Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. She is research lead of the North Central London vascular network and clinical lead of the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering vascular engineering programme. She leads the Multidisciplinary Foot Service at the Royal Free, North Central London vascular network.
Not only is she an accomplished professor but also an incredible supermum.
Tomorrow is Janice’s birthday and I hope shes taken the day off from work at Royal free London.
You are amazing and an inspiration to us all ❤️❤️❤️

This heartwarming portrait initiative was started by artist Tom Croft.

Urban Sketch in London

A continuation of my right handed drawing. I quite like the effect of drawing with my weaker hand.

Sketch of the day no 1239 is of a London Townhouse

Manga exhibition at the British museum London

Manga exhibition at the British museum

Manga マンガ

23 May – 26 August 2019

Man in despair

Charcoal drawing of man

Sketch of the day no 1216 is of a man in despair.

Final one for now from the Dom McCullins inspired figurative drawings. I will carry on using the charcoals which I am really enjoying and practice drawing more people.
Growth and change is good. There is no need for despair.

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