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Sketch of the day no 199: Islamic influence geometric pattern

Islamic influence geometric pattern
Islamic influence geometric pattern

This is my attempt of recreating a geometric pattern I love so much as seen on a lot of Islamic design. I haven’t followed their precise rules but rules are meant to be broken.

In Islamic design, patterns are made up of mathematically precise grids that are based on circles, squares and triangles.  I do also love the curvier, organic arabesque art.  It is historically interesting to learn how each culture has a different view of how art is represented. In Islam, images were not encouraged. For that reason geometric patterns were developed and perfected.

Sketch of the day no 174: Antique Izmik plate

Antique Izmik plate
Antique Izmik plate

Since it’s Eid today, and on the theme of Islam, today I decided to sketch an Izmik plate. I really love the floral pattern on this one. I do love islamic designs in particular the floral ones such as this and the geometric patterns.

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