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Living room interior illustration

Living room interior illustration

How’s everyone doing today? Today is our armchair travel day and we will be travelling to Melides in Portugal with Room portrait club, week 14.

Sketch of the day no 1503 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a living room interior designed by Carolina Irving.

Room portrait

Room portrait

A bit slow to the challenge, but I’ve been inspired to start illustrating rooms as suggested by Room portrait club
This is week 6 and I’ve finally managed to complete this room designed by Lonika Chande 🌈⭐
It’s so wonderful to belong to a virtual community of artists especially during lockdown when having a connection to the outside world is limited except through social media 🌍
Have a creative week everyone. Stay sane and stay safe.

Watercolour painting of Saarinen and swan chair by Eames. #TBT

Saarinen and Swan chairs
Saarinen and Swan chairs

This is a watercolour painting I did from my past life. I found it looking through my portfolio of uni stuff that I still hoard. I am in danger of becoming the crazy bag lady hoarder ;p

Sketch of the day no 184: Vietnamese “onion” table Lamp

Vietnamese "onion" table lamp
Vietnamese “onion” table lamp

I am running out of things to draw. This is one of my favourite table lamps that I lugged back from Vietnam, after not managing to haggle for it cos I was shouted at for trying! I paid USD50 for this many years ago and I don’t think it was a bargain, but I do really love it. Nowadays, I never really bargain with vendors. I give them a price I think is fair. They either accept it or I walk away. At the end of the day, I don’t need that many things, and if the seller is willing to accept the price, then it’s market rate and fair price.

Grand Designs Live at Excel #London May 4 – 12

Thanx to Dwell furniture who gave us the com tickets to visit Grand Designs live. My friends and I decided to go since the weather was awful and we thought it would be nice to spend a few hours indoors looking at furniture. We were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the exhibition which isnt really highlighted on the website. My favourite was the individual designers who had their own section. There were very talented crafts people being showcased, not just big brands we are all familiar with.


Grand designs highlights
Grand designs highlights

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