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Covid-19 lockdown Gratitude flowers series : Giant Amazon water lily

Giant Amazon water lily

We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side ~ Khalil Gibran.

This drawing is in honour of ourselves on the super flower full moon.

For 50 days, we have been under lockdown in Malaysia. It has been a valuable time of self reflection, time spent in my head looking inwards, not always happy moments, not always easy moments, but one thing is certain is that I have made it through feeling stronger, grateful and blessed for the life that I have.

Sketch of the day no 1360 in my moleskine sketchbook : Giant Amazon water lily. Waterlilies  are symbols of rebirth and transformation.

I wish and hope that we have all grown from the world’s darkest 50 days.


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Covid 19 lockdown Gratitude flowers : Lilies


‘Appear as you are. Be as you appear.’ ~Rumi

It’s covid-19 lockdown day no 41/56 in Malaysia.

This week I’m dedicating flowers to the strong women in my life. I don’t thank my friends and family enough or tell them why they are important to me in my life, so I’m taking this opportunity during lockdown to remedy this. 🌹

Sketch of the day no 1351 in my moleskine sketchbook : Lilies for my friend Dada. I admire your easy going vibe, you treat everyone equally with respect and good manners. You are like our little sister we live vicariously through and learn all the new trends and tech from. Thank you for keeping me current and updated. You are our hope for the future.

Love you Dada❤️

Stay home and stay safe xoxo

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The humanitarian dream of an inspirational couple: Capt. Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun

Update: Visit this link to see what Historic Vessel Vega accomplished last year 2015 for the isolated communities in Indonesia.

Buy The Vega Adventures on Amazon:

Historic Vessel Vega. Photo taken from Vega website Historic Vessel Vega. Photo taken from Vega website

Shane & Meggi with the 2010 Asia Pacific Laureate Foundation award for Social Service awarded for humanitarian service to isolated island communities in South East Asia. Photo taken from Vega webiste Shane & Meggi with the 2010 Asia Pacific Laureate Foundation award for Social Service awarded for humanitarian service to isolated island communities in South East Asia. Photo taken from Vega website

It was Friday night. I had no plans. My friend and I decided to go for a quiet dinner. We had dinner at Straits Quay which overlooked the marina. By chance, we were invited onto a boat that was parked there. We were invited by a couple and crew to hop aboard the historical VEGA.

We discovered this was no ordinary couple and the Vega was no fancy cruise liner.

Shane Granger, a successful advertising photographer, moved to East Africa to fulfill his dream to work as a bush pilot in the mid 90s. During this time the idea developed to use his extensive commercial advertising experience for the benefit of…

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Hide and seek with Stewart the seagull and friends. ‘Hello Hide and seek’ is organised by We Are Artists in conjuction with George Town Festival 2015

stewart the seagull Penang street art

I’m going to go hide somewhere in George Town unesco heritage zone. Seek me and my friends out by downloading the location map from 

Good Luck!! Love Stewart the Seagull! Xoxo
‘Sometimes I still dream…’

Game play starts 1st August 2015 and runs throughout the whole of August. Event organised by We Are Artists. For more information visit or

#sketch of the day no 411 in my #moleskine sketchbook: Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world #ff

botanical illustration
botanical illustration

This one is for Crystal, my blogger friend who posted a flower a few days ago for me on her blog. Thank you and have a weekend filled with pretty things xoxo

Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world


Inspiring change one person at a time..

Locks of Hope
Locks of Hope

Today I finally did it. I chopped off my hair for Locks of Hope, a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but for many silly reasons I didn’t.

Thank you Jonathan from Hairvenly Image Studio for cutting my hair and following the guidelines.

Jonathan was so excited to find out more about this initiative because he says he cuts hair all day long and never knew what to do with the locks!
He asked me,”Is it heart breaking to see your long hair being cut off? I replied, no. It will grow back soon. I’d rather it be put to better use.

God gave me 2 hands and 2 legs. If I can help others in any way, I will. My hair is something that cost me nothing to donate, it will eventually grow back.

If you have long hair, you can donate, it’s free. If you don’t have hair, you can tell your hairdresser all about it, it’s free too!

Spread the love and do a good deed this week. It will cost you nothing but it will give you everything xx


Sketch of the day no 321: StewART the seagull “Live Your Dream”

StewART the Seagull
StewART the Seagull street art: Live your dream.

StewART the seagull reminds us to live our dream. I meant to paint this somewhere outdoors but I didn’t feel like leaving my room, and so he ended up on my studio wall. Not quite a street art piece 🙂

Sketch of the day no 250: Roy the rooster with peonies “Be thankful”

Roy says "Be thankful"
Roy says “Be thankful”

Roy the rooster says “Be thankful” for your life, your health, your family and friends. Happy Monday and have a great new week! xx

dr seuss quote

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