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Tiger Moth illustration

Tiger Moth illustration

If I see it, I’m going to draw it. It’s always just a matter of when. I spotted this Moth on Sunday. I love spotting random insects when I’m out and about. It’s a reminder that we need to take the time to slow down to appreciate the small things in life…

Tiger Moth.
Acrylic on paper.

Spanish fly

Spanish fly

Reading the news has it’s good days sometimes. Today in the news in Malaysia, I discovered a new insect called a Spanish fly. It is an emerald green beetle and is the source of a toxic blistering agent once use as an aphrodisiac. Source Wikipedia.

Greater Death’s head hawkmoth

Something different today…

I love nature and wildlife. The greater death’s head hawkmoth or bee robber, Acherontia lachesis is a large, up to 13 cm wingspan, sphingid moth.
The moth is characterised by its human skull like pattern on the head.

Ink brush pen on paper.
Size A5.

Gypsy cuckoo bumblebee drawing

Gypsy cuckoo bumblebee

Happy weekend everyone! Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.
Sketch of the day no 1224 in my moleskine sketchbook: gypsy cuckoo bumblebee 🐝


Allow your mind to wander into another realm

Dragonfly drawing

Allow your mind to wander into another realm.
Sketch of the day no 1221 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a dragonfly.

Treasures of a Straits Chinese: Flutter your wings and fly (2/2)

Flutter your wings and fly. Dragonfly

#18 Flutter your wings and fly (2/2)
The dragonfly brings change, luck and happiness

I will be having my first solo exhibition, Treasures of a Straits Chinese G hotel art gallery in Penang from the 1 February – 30 April 2018

Come support me and own your first piece of BulanLifestyle art

T11 Start booking your flights and your hotel. It’s also Thaipusam the day before, the most sensational festival in the world happening in Penang

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Sketch of the day no 1127 in my moleskine art journal: spider 

The liar is sooner caught than the cripple says Stanley the spider. 

Chase away the midweek blues with Stanley the spider. 

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of Stanley and his 7 legs. The liar is sooner caught than the cripple ~ English Proverb. 

Green tiger beetle pattern. 💚

Green tiger beetle pattern

I have been pattern making. Here’s a Green tiger beetle pattern. 💚

Sketch of the day no 1115 in my moleskine art journal: female dragonfly in Penang. 

Female Brown dragonfly in Penang

Life is short but memories last forever. 

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of a female dragonfly in Penang. I actually found her dead on the floor in the lobby of the hotel. 

RIP dragonfly. 

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