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Halloween monster art series

Halloween monster art

Halloween is just around the corner and I do love cute monsters, so I decided to redraw my Chinese zodiac series as monsters for Halloween month.

Here is the full collection of 12 extracted from my sketchbook. I have been drawing but I haven’t been posting so much on WordPress… I know I have been slacking for a long time now… But you can find me more on Instagram. 🙏

Hope you like this version of my monsters and Happy Halloween everyone. 🦇 🎃💀

Early Halloween post

Check out my Halloween animation on my YouTube channel. Happy Halloween for this Sunday!! I’m posting it early in case I forget.

Halloween skull animation

Halloween skull 💀

Halloween is this weekend and I’m in the mood for some horror. 💀
But I think I’ve creeped myself out from my own animation of this skull painting.

Check out more videos from my YouTube channel ⬇️

Pumpkin drawing for Halloween

Pumpkin drawing

Happy Sunday my friends.
Halloween is just around the corner and I’m starting to get into theme.
Today’s drawing is of a pumpkin in pastels on paper.
How do you celebrate Halloween?

Watch my YouTube video from the link below.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. 🎃🦇🎃
Sketch of the day no 1436. What are you up to tonight?

Don’t take life for granted

Don’t take life for granted

Don’t take life for granted. Life is short and precious. Live it to the fullest and do what makes you happy.
Sketch of the day in my moleskine sketchbook is of a ram skull. Halloween is just round the corner and I felt like drawing skulls.

Sketch of the day no 195: Happy Buddha loves god charm necklace, symbolising religious tolerance and coexistance. Selamat Awal Muharam!

Happy Buddha Love god charm necklace
Happy Buddha Love god charm necklace

This is one of my favourite necklaces. I got it in Bali a few years ago. It actually came in different themes. The Buddhist one, the Christian one and the Love heart one. I got the lady to out them all together for me cos I think it reflects my belief that we are all the same in the eyes of god, whatever name you choose to call him.

I live in a multi cultural society where we have been coexisting peacefully with people of different races, culture, language and religion. This week alone, we celebrated Halloween: the day of the dead, Divali: the festival of lights and today is Awal Muharam: the first day of the Islamic Hijri new year.

Halloween Party!

Halloween at Piscos
Halloween night

I’ve been envious looking at other bloggers posts on Halloween parties. It’s not really celebrated here, but my secret wish came true! I accidentally stumbled upon Halloween night. I wasn’t dressed since I didn’t know but the friendly people did my make up and styled me there! The Crazy Bag Lady was transformed into the Crazy Vampire Lady for one night! Muah ha ha!

Halloween 1

Sketch of the day no 186: Matahari Stickman for Halloween

Matahari Stickman
Matahari Stickman

I was partying so much over at the other blogs that I almost forgot to post up my sketch of the day! This is the second and final in the series stickman for Halloween. Maybe I should put the two together and see what happens. This is really moving away from what I normally draw. No doubt a bit of a change is always a good thing!

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