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It’s a sticker street art day in George Town Penang, Malaysia

sticker street art in George town Penang

Today was a sticker art day in George Town, Penang. I made some stickers for Hello, Hide and seek treasure hunt game organised by We Are Artists in conjunction with George Town Festival and I had some left over stickers to share some BulanLifestyle art around town.
The stickers are made of cork and will naturally biodegrade over time 🙂

Sunday afternoon project: Graffiti street art with friends

Chiko the dog and Merlin the cat animal street art
Chiko the dog and Merlin the cat animal street art

I spent the afternoon at my friend’s house painting their dog and cat on the exterior wall of their house. I painted the animals using a brush and water based acrylic paints. If you follow my sketch a day, you would have seen these characters before.

My other friends used spray paint. I was a bit envious of their free form art. You can feel the energy in the works. I may have to try it next time.


Graffiti wall with bicycle and secret garden street art
Graffiti flower street art
Graffiti underwater marine life street art


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