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Digital drawing no 6: bird’s nest fern 💚

Good morning! 

Digital drawing today is a bird’s nest fern.  Asplenium nidus 💚

Digital drawing no 5: monkey cup. 

Digital drawing of the day is the carnivorous monkey cup. The insects are attracted to the cup and when they enter they are trapped inside a liquid and the plant starts to absorb them.  

Happy Sunday. Digital drawing no 3: Nutmeg. Myristica Fragrans. 

Happy Sunday. Today’s digital drawing is of a Nutmeg plant and fruit. Myristica Fragrans.

Digital drawing no 2: Clove plant. 

Today’s digital sketch is of a clove plant (syzygium aromaticum) which was an important spice during the spice trade. 

Sketch of the day no 112: Lawn mower in #Devon

Lawn mower
Lawn mower

I saw this lawn mower in the barn. I couldn’t resist the temptation to take it on a  tour around the grounds. Sadly, that all happened in my mind. Maybe next time I will.

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