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Biro drawing of urban fox

Drawing of London urban fox

Fred the Fox came to visit this Monday morning and I managed to see him because he was noisily rummaging through the rubbish bags. He must have been really hungry to scale the fencing but do feel really awful for him as there was nothing to eat…🦊

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Fox in the forest

Fox in the forest

Happy Friday my friends.
What do you think of these new paintings? I’m finding ways to bring joy and these paintings do make me happy 💕

Fox in the forest 🦊
Acrylic on paper
Size A4

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Queens Jubilee series #11: Fantastic Mr Fox

Painting of Fantastic Mr Fox 🦊

Painting of Fantastic Mr Fox 🦊
Acrylic on old Great Britain Road Atlas. 2022

Urban foxes are everywhere in the UK and it made me so happy every time I spotted one. They are so brave that you can even see them roaming around on the streets in the day time.

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