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Digital drawing no 6: bird’s nest fern 💚

Good morning! 

Digital drawing today is a bird’s nest fern.  Asplenium nidus 💚

Sketch of the day no 354: Botanical pattern

botanical pattern
botanical pattern

Another new week! Today’s sketch is a botanical print. I put together a series of plants into a repeat pattern. I think it would really good as a kitchen towel. What do you think?


Sketch of the day no 338: Bird’s Nest Fern, Asplenium australasicum

Birds nest fern
Birds nest fern

Bird’s nest fern is really common in Malaysia. They grow everywhere and easily. I have 2 pots on my balcony. They don’t need that much care nor water so they can survive independently without much maintenance from me. I am the world’s worst gardener, but I do love the plants that have survived and thrived. They are the ones that made it, the survivors.


Sketch of the day no 278: Stanley the staghorn fern on wood background #ART

Staghron fern
Staghorn fern

I have a ton of plant and flower sketches that I should be developing. So this is the start of me moving away from the animals for a while ;p

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