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Sketch of the day no 256: Penang Nonya Tiffin carrier with peonies

Tiffin carrier
Tiffin carrier

Tiffin carriers were a traditional form of transporting food in Malaysia and around the region. An old school lunch box. This one is made of metal and enamel paint and were used by the Peranakans. Sometimes there are peonies painted on the Tiffin carrier as decoration. This is a plain one but I have added in the peonies in the background 🙂

Sketch of the day no 151: Vintage Chinese tiffin Carrier

Vintage Chinese tiffin carrier in enamel
Vintage Chinese tiffin carrier in enamel

I love containers and I love vintage. This just ticks both boxes for me! This is a handmade enamel finish four tier vintage Chinese tiffin carrier.

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