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eco totes

Matahari Pineapple eco totes are now available at Lang Hoose, Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang

Lang Hoose
Lang Hoose

Matahari Pineapple totes are now available at the newly opened family run Lang Hoose hotel and cafe in George town, Penang. I’m really selective when it comes to placing my products. I have to like the retailer and the look and feel of the place has to be in line with my brand. I like Lang Hoose because they use a lot of recycled materials and welcome nature instead of destroying it. This place has soul. The couple running it are welcoming and friendly. They even run weekend activities for kids.

If you ever pass by George town, Penang, I would recommend to stay here 🙂


Natural wall

Roof bar
Roof bar

Sketch of the day no 291: Matahari ‘Safe climbing’ eco tote with safety message

Safe Climbing tote
Finished product: Safe Climbing tote

This is a collaboration between my brand Matahari and my client ‘Safe Climbing’. My client trains and educates climbers on safety. The message on the tote is to remind rock climbers to climb safe. Rock climbing is not a dangerous sport or profession when you remember to follow the safety procedures.

I designed this a couple on months ago in early Jan 2014. The brief was simply to come up with a design that communicates a safety message to the climber. I got the idea from road safety signs, including using the stickman to relay the message across. Luckily for me, the client approved the design immediately and I didn’t have to make changes.

With the approved design, I got the totes silk screen printed locally. Today, I delivered them to my client. First completed project of the year.

Packing the totes
My day ~ Ironing, Folding and Packing totes

Animal Farm Check Collection Totes By

Check collection tote
Check collection tote

I love checks and stripes. I have started a check collection for my Animal Farm series. These are cotton totes available to buy from my online shop 🙂

Style: Childlike

Style – September 10th, 2011


Mojo the Belgian Shepherd, RM109. Inspired by the designer’s dog, 10 per cent of profits go to Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS).

Drawing inspiration from nature and children’s story books, Bulan has launched a series of new casual totes that capture the spirit of childhood. The handmade natural cotton canvas and hessian materials in earthy greens, browns and natural shades are selected to reflect the delicate balance of nature so whether you choose bags from The Animal Farm or Vegetable Patch collection, they’re sure to draw compliments at your Sunday family brunch. Be careful, your nieces might just want one!

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