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Hand study #3

Hand anatomy drawing

Hand study #3.
Blue biro on paper.
I think this is the final one I’m going to do for now. I’ve got my hand obsession out of my system.

Hand study #1

Hand drawing

Hand study #1 in biro pen on paper

Biro pen drawing of cat

Biro pen drawing of cat

Biro pen drawing of Mr Jones the cat

Biro pen drawing of Chow Chow

Biro pen drawing of Chow Chow dog breed

Biro pen drawing of very cute Chow Chow dog I keep on seeing in Regents Park London.

Biro pen drawing of Pasta the Dog

Pen drawing of dog

Biro pen drawing of Pasta the Dog

Humboldt Penguin drawing

Humboldt penguin drawing

I love animals and penguins and so much fun. I met some Humboldt penguins from my trip to the London zoo. They have a penguin pool with glass sides where you can sit and watch them play all the day long. It was a super fun day out.

Pen drawing of Alpine Marmot

It’s so easy to draw with just one biro pen and it does not have to take that long if you don’t have time. No excuses.
This is my drawing of a Marmot from my trip to the alps in France 🇫🇷

Pen drawing of Iris flower

Iris flower drawing

Spring is here and the flowers are blossoming. Pen drawing of Iris flower.

Pen drawing of a kingfisher

Kingfisher drawing

Practice, practice, practice. That’s the only way to improve.
Drawing of kingfisher using a blue ball point pen. I’ve decided I quite like drawing with a blue pen. I think I’m going to continue with this. The colour just makes me happy 💙

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