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Biro drawing of Sugar Glider

Drawing of Sugar Glider

Drawing takes my mind off worrying about life. Today’s Sketch of the day is of Binky the sugar glider and his favourite friend Teddy.
Biro pen in my moleskine sketchbook.

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Biro drawing of Bertie the Brown rat

Drawing of Brown rat

Bertie, the Brown rat.  Apparently he can eat through anything AND he can hold his breath underwater for days. He’s a super rat and he’s rather posh as he lives in Kensington 🐀
Biro pen in my moleskine sketchbook.

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Biro drawing of tulips

Tulips drawing

I love spring and all the flowers that are blooming. 🌷

Drawing of tulips in my moleskine sketchbook using a biro pen.

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Sharing some Christmas cheer with the reindeer cat

The reindeer cat

Happy December! Tis the season to give back.
Some humans need Christmas cheer but some cats need Christmas cheer too. This one is for Mei Sau the cat who needs some love 😻

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Bringing Christmas cheer

Bringing Xmas cheer

Sumi the Christmas cat Bringing Xmas Cheer or at least she’s trying the best she can 🎄🎄🎄

Malaysia woke up to a hung parliament today

Malaysia woke up to a hung parliament

70% of the nation voted yesterday. It was a good turnout and many people were hoping for change but Malaysia woke up to a hung parliament this morning and the nation is waiting for the plot to unfold… New coalitions could be formed to secure enough majority but who will it be?
What do you think will happen next?

Drawing of Lemon the cat in my moleskine sketchbook

Cat illustration

Happy Sunday my friends. Here is a drawing of Lemon the cat who’s always judging me… 🐈

Illustration of Eddy the cat

Eddy the cat

This one is for cat lovers. Illustration of cat using pen and acrylic paint.
This is Eddy the cat, “Where have you been all day?” he’s not impressed that my friend was out all day… 😾

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Hand study #3

Hand anatomy drawing

Hand study #3.
Blue biro on paper.
I think this is the final one I’m going to do for now. I’ve got my hand obsession out of my system.

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