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Peace Lily drawing

Peace lily drawing

I’ve missed drawing in my sketchbook after all the digital work. It’s so much more natural drawing on paper compared to my tablet. I guess I’m really old school as this is how I’ve drawn from the start and the change to digital drawing is so draining, however it is satisfying learning new skills.

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Eyeglass candy

Eyeglass candy

What’s better than a superhero mask?
Eyeglass candy. It’s a superhero eye mask and it has chocolate candies when you’re hungry after fighting off monsters.
Ya, it could be another Malaysian childhood thing.

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Gem biscuit

Gem biscuit

Who knows this one?
Another childhood classic from Malaysia. Iced Gem biscuit. They come in different colours but pink is my favourite.

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Princess Leia the sausage dog pet portrait fashion makeover

Princess Leia the sausage dog pet portrait
Who wore it better?

It’s Star Wars week.
Princess Leia the sausage dog pet portrait fashion makeover.

I’m not taking commissions for pet portraits at the moment. All previous commissions will be fulfilled. Thank you everyone who have been part of this series 💕

If you missed the first round, stay tuned, I may bring it back at a later date…

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Room portrait

Room portrait

For those who love interiors, here’s a drawing of a room interior designed by Beata Heuman.

Sketch no 1487 in my moleskine sketchbook: room interior for room portrait club weekly prompt.

Baby dusky leaf monkey

Baby dusky leaf langur

Happy weekend.
Today’s sketch is of a Golden baby dusky leaf langur. They are golden when they are born till about 6 months. I’ve never been lucky enough to spot one in all my jungle walks despite most people I know telling me they have… I hope to see one soon before they disappear 🐵

L’amande savon de Marseille

L’amande savon de Marseille
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. 🎃🦇🎃
Sketch of the day no 1436. What are you up to tonight?

I’m watching you…

Lemon the cat

I have neglected my sketches for a few weeks. Back to it.
This one is for the cat lovers.
Sketch of the day no 1435:  I’m watching you…

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