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dont worry be happy

Sketch of the day no 498 in my art journal: Kahlua says, “Don’t worry, be happy!”

Don’t worry, be Happy Says Kahlua the dog


Sketch of the day in my art journal is from my new happy hour series. Kahlua the dog says, “Don’t worry, be happy!” This is a collaboration with my friend Lily. We get together for drinks and come up with ideas for my sketches.  HAPPY FRIDAY! xx

#sketch of the day no 464 in my moleskine art journal: Dont worry be happy xoxo

a bed of roses
a bed of roses

Todays sketch of the day no in my moleskine art journal is a reminded this weekend ‘Dont worry be happy’ This is a sketch of pink rose pattern from my blanket in Kampung Jantan last week.

Happy weekend xoxo

Sketch of the day no 252: Buddy the whippet “Don’t worry, be happy”

"Don't worry. be happy", Buddy the Whippet
“Don’t worry. be happy”, Buddy the Whippet

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