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The race to be fully vaccinated

Astra Zeneca covid-19 vaccine

The race to be fully vaccinated. The best vaccine is the one you can get.

I got my first dose of the vaccine in Malaysia 7 weeks ago from a parallel national immunisation scheme because AstraZeneca was not approved by our government due to risks from the side effects. As a result, it was offered on a volunteer basis so I took it as it fast tracked me to the front of the queue. I don’t regret the decision one bit. Dose 2 appointment is in 2 weeks. Making it an interval of 9 weeks, thanx to a shipment as a gift from Japan, who also rejected the AZ vaccine. 🙏

Healthcare heroes virtual exhibition on Google arts and culture

I am extremely proud to be part of this permanent online exhibition on Google arts and Culture made possible by award winning artist Tom Croft in partnership with Google arts and culture and Paintings in Hospitals.
The virtual exhibition is to put faces on the healthcare heroes who are risking their lives every single day, keeping us safe during this difficult time.
During lockdown, like many people, I felt extremely helpless and anxious. When I found out about this project I wanted to be part of it, but I hesitated for a long time because portraits is not what I do. I managed to get over myself eventually and painted a portrait of my friend Professor Janice Tsui. She is an amazing person and she inspires me with her dedication to her work.
Thank you for giving me permission to submit your portrait for this exhibition. 💕

Check out the virtual exhibition in the link below. My submission is under the section ‘Personality in PPE’

How to make an easy DIY face shield in 5 mins

Face mask and face shield combo

Hello! Welcome to my art tutorial #2

Can’t get a facemask? Make your own in 5 mins!!!!

Watch my how to make an easy DIY no sew face shield mask tutorial video that takes 5 mins to make.

Materials you need are:
A4 size Plastic sheet
Sponge tape
Rubber band or string
Hole punch
Cutting board

Hope you enjoy my face shield tutorial.

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I’m a model Malaysian citizen and i shall speak like Doraemon

Day 16/30 It’s covid-19 lockdown in Malaysia.

Today’s video is brought to you in the spirit of Doraemon, as we Malaysian women have been told by Women and Family Development Ministry to speak in the voice of Doraemon at home.
So here it is. I’m a good citizen and following lockdown advice.

Enjoy my art tutorial video with Doraemon music and do join me in a daily art challenge.

Barry the yellow vented bulbul

Sketch of the day no 1326 in my moleskine sketchbook is of Barry the yellow vented bulbul who loves to dance between the trees.

Stay home, stay creative and love Doraemon xoxo

Please help to sign and share this petition

Demand immediate resignation of Malaysian Women Development’s Minister and Deputy Minister

Thai song liquer

Thai song liquer

Who’s actually tried this?
Day 10/30 COVID-19 lockdown.
Sketch of the day no 1320 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of Thai song liquer. It is a great disinfectant.

Precious commodity, the hand sanitizer

Joy lee hand sanitizer

What are you thankful for during this difficult time?
Covid lockdown day 7/14

I’m choosing to draw this bottle of hand sanitizer because my talented best friend Chelsia Ng gave it to me when she saw me using a bottle of vodka (swipe left to see the bottles)
I am eternally grateful because she generously gave me an item I needed that money could not by at the time of covid panic. Love you Chels ❤️

Coincidentally i was chatting with her on the phone whilst sketching this.
Stay home and stay safe my friends.

Sketch of the day no 1317 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of hospital grade Joy Lee Hand Sanitizer. 80% ethanol.

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Monkey 47

Monkey 47

What are you currently drinking to stay sane?

Cheers to all my friends currently in lockdown or about to go into lockdown

It’s Day 6/14 of lockdown for me here in Malaysia, with a strong possibility of an extended lockdown. I had to do a supermarket run to stock up more food for the extended lockdown and before the curfew kicks in.

The supermarket sweep was planned with military precision. I did a quick supermarket survey by asking my friends where they’ve been shopping and picked my best option.

Armed with my grocery list, face mask, cap and sanitizer, I headed out to the supermarket. To my relief it was absolutely empty of people. The shelves were well stocked and they had put tape on the floor by the checkout counter so people kept a 1m distance. All very civilised.

I was in and out in record time. When i arrived home, I disinfected everything. Paranoid? Yes definitely but i rather err on the safe side.

Sketch of the day no 1313 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of monkey 47 gin.

Cheers to a happy and safe lockdown and a moment to thank our medics and front liners for the amazing work they are doing to keep us alive and safe ❤️

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Sharing my moleskine sketchbook

It’s lockdown 3/14 and I am feeling a bit isolated today to be honest.

If you guys are not in lockdown yet, get ready for it. It will happen, must matter of when.

Be prepared, and mentally prepare yourself that it’s time to stay home and be creative or take up something new.
For the extroverts, staying home could be something new too.

Stay safe and stay home my friends. ♥️

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