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The race to be fully vaccinated

Astra Zeneca covid-19 vaccine

The race to be fully vaccinated. The best vaccine is the one you can get.

I got my first dose of the vaccine in Malaysia 7 weeks ago from a parallel national immunisation scheme because AstraZeneca was not approved by our government due to risks from the side effects. As a result, it was offered on a volunteer basis so I took it as it fast tracked me to the front of the queue. I don’t regret the decision one bit. Dose 2 appointment is in 2 weeks. Making it an interval of 9 weeks, thanx to a shipment as a gift from Japan, who also rejected the AZ vaccine. 🙏

NHS portait for heroes

NHS portaits for heroes

Do you know who’s keeping you safe?

Today’s portrait honours my super hero amazing school friend Dr Soma Banerjee. Head of specialty and consultant in stroke medicine, Imperial college healthcare NHS Trust with special interests in translating stem cell therapy to the bedside for stroke patients.

Stay safe everyone xoxo

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