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Belang art exhibition in Tatler Malaysia ❤️

Belang Tatler

The official opening of Belang was last Sunday at the Penang State gallery.

It’s the first time I’ve been invited to exhibit there, and it is an honour to be part of the movement to create awareness for our critically endangered Malayan tiger, which makes it even more meaningful for me.

We didn’t have much time to come up with an artwork for this show as the green light came quite close to exhibition date. I had a full week to come up with the concept, finish the artwork and get it delivered to Penang from Kuala Lumpur. It was a challenge indeed. My mindset was to make the tigers proud and to help them in every way possible.

Selling the painting and raising funds is not enough for me. I really want my artwork and all the other artists work to make an impact, otherwise what is the point of the exhibition. A lot of hard work and sweat has been invested in putting this exhibition and campaign together.

The question is how to stop the killing and how to stop the habitat destruction. It is always easy to take a back seat or to play the blame game. It is more challenging and more effective to come up with solutions that are effective. Admittedly I do not have the answers but I definitely do want to start this important conversation.

What do you think, what are your ideas and what can you do to help save the Malayan Tigers, and for that matter all wildlife and nature?

Tengah Island conservation

Tengah Island conservation

The new Tengah Island conservation tee featuring turtle design by BulanLifestyle 🐢💚🐢
I love it when my artwork is used for a positive mission. It’s what I always hope to achieve with all my works 💚

About Tengah Island conservation

Tengah Island Conservation (TIC) is a non-profit biodiversity management initiative located on Pulau Tengah, an island within the Johor Marine Park, Malaysia. TIC is dedicated to the research, rehabilitation and regeneration of our natural environment. Our systemic and community-driven approach is to conserve and protect flora, fauna and marine ecosystems by informing, inspiring and involving relevant stakeholders, government, biodiversity specialists, the tourism industry, and local community.


Malayan tiger

Malayan tiger

Tyger tyger burning bright.🐯

I painted this a while back but only finished it recently. Sometimes I start paintings and abandon them and only come back to them later when the time to complete them is right. Nothing is ever lost when there is an intention to finish. On this note, I hope the battle to save the tigers is not lost.

There are fewer than 200 Malayan tigers left and they are critically endangered from poaching and loss of habitat.

Gouache on watercolour paper
Size 37.5 x 26.5 cm

Price USD 120

Sketch of the day no 1153 in my moleskine art journal: Plastic bags. 

Plastic bags in Penang

Plastic bags are everywhere. Everyday should be a no plastic bag day to save our planet. What do you think? 

Sketch of the day no 1153 in my moleskine art journal are of some Plastic bags. 

Digital drawing no 26: Puffer fish 🐡

Weekends can turn you into a roly poly. Inflated puffer fish

Weekends can turn you into a roly poly. 

Digital drawing today is of an inflated white spotted Puffer fish.  🐡

Happy world conservation day! The very hungry tree frog.

the hungry tree frog
Happy world conservation day! The hungry tree frog for The Habitat Penang Hill

Happy world conservation day!

The very hungry tree frog. I love nature and I am proud of this collaboration with The Habitat Penang Hill, a world-class ecotourism site, the first of its kind in Malaysia that aims to promote environmental consciousness and conservation. Penang is world famous for food but little is known about it’s amazing biodiversity that is in need of protection. 🐸

habitat totes
BulanLifestyle wildlife totes for The Habitat Penang Hill

WWF Art for Nature 2013 “Man and Nature”

WWF Art and Nature 2013
WWF Art and Nature 2013

I just went to this charity art exhibition for WWF at KL Lifestyle art space with some friends. It’s a showcase for top Malaysian artists in support of nature conservation with this years theme being “Man and nature”. Not only does this exhibition raise funds for conservation, it hopes to raise awareness on environmental issues that is plaguing our country.

It saddens me that our virgin rainforests are being cut down and cleared at a rapid speed for agriculture or commercial development. Animals are being poached and killed. The main attitude we face today is ‘what we can’t see, doesn’t affect us and therefore I don’t care.’ Throwing money at these organizations sometimes changes very little because the laws that is supposed to protect nature conservation is flawed in the first place. I know very little but I always ask a lot of questions every time I go to these events or meet ‘activists’. However, money is needed to protect as many animals and forests in the meantime. It is essentially buying them time before they become extinct. We have 10 Sumatran Rhinos left and I dread to think how many tigers we have left in Malaysia. WWF sends in park rangers to protect the areas but they have to cover a lot of territory, leaving the poachers a lot of room to manoeuvre. Virgin and secondary forests are being cleared at a rapid rate, sometimes it is by illegal loggers but by law, the government can grant licences for the forests to be cleared for agriculture, after all, they are still planting trees!

People will eventually wake up when our weather pattern changes and our drinking water dries up! It already has started.


Exhibition Concept: A.nd N.ature (M.A.N)

WWF-Malaysia’s Art for Nature (AFN) 2013 our annual charity art exhibition, is back!

AFN is a unique showcase for Malaysian and international artists in support of nature conservation.

KL Lifestyle Art Space will sponsor this event for the very first time; AFN 2013 will showcase works by well-known Malaysian artists in support of nature conservation.

This world is our only home, and finding the sacred balance between Man and Nature is the concept for this year’s AFN Exhibition.

Part of the proceeds from sales of art exhibits will aid WWF-Malaysia’s efforts to safeguard our unique natural heritage and its ever more critical conservation work in Malaysia.


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