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Pink Peranakan floral vase

Pink Peranakan floral vase

Finally finished this painting of a Peranakan floral vase on a recycled wooden shelf divider over the weekend. It’s taken quite a long time because I was stuck for months but I decided it was time to get it done. Feels good to complete this. I’m hoping to be more productive moving forward 🙏🌸

Common Kingfisher and Blue and white ginger jar

Blue and white ginger jar and common kingfisher

Common Kingfisher and Blue and white landscape garden ginger jar.
The Kingfisher is a symbol of peace and prosperity and its beauty highly regarded in Chinese culture.

Acrylic on paper
Size A4

Rufous backed kingfisher and Blue and white ginger jar

Blue and white ginger jar

Happy weekend my friends. Here is one I finished recently.
Rufous backed kingfisher and Blue and white ginger jar

Size A4
Acrylic on paper

Blue and white ginger jar and common kingfisher art video

How’s everyone doing? I’ve been busy painting and making time lapse videos of my work. This is something I painted recently. Hope you enjoy it.

Watch my video to see how I painted a Chinese blue and white ginger jar and common kingfisher with acrylic on acid free paper.
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Thank you.

Blue and white ginger jar : Dragon meets dragonfly

Blue and white ginger jar

This piece is inspired when the Dragonfly came to my balcony and stayed overnight and only left after I started to paint again. Before her arrival, I was going through a bit of a mental block. I hadn’t been painting for 2 weeks and I didn’t know how to snap out of this feeling of despair. Sometimes, time out is needed. The stillness allows me to reflect and connect with the energy and nature around me in order to reboot and rebalance. 🙏

Blue and White : Dragon meets dragonfly
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size: A4. Unframed.

Blue and white double happiness ginger jar

Blue and white double happiness ginger jar

I absolutely love blue and white Chinese ceramics and especially the ginger jars. They remind me of my childhood growing up in Penang. My family home was filled with Chinese antiques, a memory of my ancestors who came from China to build a better future in what was then Malaya. I love birds and seeing them gives me hope and I love their sense of freedom. I’ve paired these two together to bring joy, hope and happiness.

Blue and White : Double happiness with Sunbird
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size: A4. Unframed.

Durian flower with blue and white ginger jar

Blue and white ginger jar with crane and bat symbols

Blue and White : Red Durian flower with crane and bat
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size A4
RM 600 (USD 150)

Bat (fu 蝠)
The bat is a symbol of happiness and joy. The Chinese for bat (fu 蝠) sounds identical to the word for good fortune(fu 福) making bats a popular Chinese rebuses.
Crane (he 鹤)
The crane is a symbol of longevity because it lives a long life and its white feathers stand for old age.
It also represents high status as the crane is regarded as ‘a bird of the first rank’ in the imperial
hierarchy. Flying cranes symbolises a wish or hope to become an official in a higher position.

Source: British museum

Traditional Blue and white Chinese porcelaine jars were used to carry spices like ginger. In this painting, I have matched the fragrant Durian flower with this ginger jar because of the crane and bat motifs on the design. Bats are the main pollinators of the durian flower and the King of fruits is native to Malaysia.

Malaysian Independence day

Blue and White Chinoiserie jar with Hibiscus

Wishing all my Malaysian friends Selamat Hari Merdeka for tomorrow.
The hibiscus flower or Bunga Raya is our beautiful national flower.

“The word bunga in Malay means “flower”, while raya in Malay means “celebratory” or “grand”. The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is literally known as the “celebratory flower” in Malay. The red of the petals symbolizes the courage, life, and rapid growth of the Malaysian, and the five petals represent the five Rukun Negara of Malaysia. ” source Wikipedia

The 5 Rukun Malaysia or principles in order to achieve unity, democracy, equality, cultural diversity, and progress are:

Blue and White : Hibiscus
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size A4

Pretty Peony face mask

Peony floral face mask

Nyonya floral inspired face mask celebrating our diverse cultural heritage. Peonies are a symbol of love, butterflies symbolise happiness and dreams, and the Dragonfly symbolise harmony and luck. 🦋 💕 🌹
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