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Chinese motifs

Treasures of a Straits Chinese : The secret to longevity

The secret to longevity. Chrysanthemum. G hotel Gurney art gallery.

#25 The secret to longevity. The chrysanthemum is the Chinese symbol of Autumn and longevity

I will be having my first solo art exhibition, Treasures of a Straits Chinese G hotel art gallery in Penang from the 1 February – 30 April 2018

Come support me and own your first piece of BulanLifestyle art

T4 Start booking your flights and your hotel. It’s also Thaipusam the day before, the most sensational festival in the world happening in Penang

Sketch of the day no 1111 in my moleskine art journal: Dragon fish. 螭吻

Dragon fish

Who am I? 

Sketch of the day no 1111 in my moleskine art journal is a gilded wood carving of a Dragon fish 螭吻

The Dragon fish (螭吻 chiwen) in Chinese is literally translated as Hornless dragon lips. 

The mythological creature is one of the Chinese dragon’s nine sons and is believed to ward of evil and swallow fire. 

Another legend is about the carp that jumped over the dragon’s gate. It is believed that once in a while, a carp through perseverance and determination manages to swim up river and successfully jumps over the dragon’s gate, turning the carp into a dragon. 

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