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Portrait of woman

Sketch of the day no 1236 in my sketchbook is of a Portrait of woman in charcoal and graphite pencils.

Portrait of Twiggy

Portrait of Twiggy

Happy Sunday Sketch.
Sketch of the day no 1234 is a Portrait of Twiggy.

Portrait of woman

Charcoal portrait of woman

Happy weekend ⭐
Sketch of the day no 1233 is of a Portrait of woman.
Let’s try something different today 😁

Portrait of girl #3

Portrait of girl.

Sketch of the day no 1228 is a portrait of a girl #3. Time and innocence may never be found again.

Portrait of girl #2

Portrait of girl

Sketch of the day no 1227 in my sketchbook is of portrait of a girl #2

I’m determined to master the art of portrait however long it takes. Getting the proportions right is quite a challenge because it really involves concentration and looking carefully at the subject. I’m starting with photos I’ve collected from the Internet and using that as a starting point. This drawing is based on the photo by Steve McCurry.

Portrait of girl #1

Sketch of the day no 1228 is of my first portrait of girl #1
I’m going to be switching to a different sketchbook using charcoals to practise some portraits which I started recently. I don’t normally draw people but I will try from now on. Practice, practice, practice.

Man in despair

Charcoal drawing of man

Sketch of the day no 1216 is of a man in despair.

Final one for now from the Dom McCullins inspired figurative drawings. I will carry on using the charcoals which I am really enjoying and practice drawing more people.
Growth and change is good. There is no need for despair.

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