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Portrait of Lemon the cat in biro

Cat portrait in biro

Lemon’s not impressed with her cat portrait 
Eat, sleep, poop 😼

Sharing some Christmas cheer with the reindeer cat

The reindeer cat

Happy December! Tis the season to give back.
Some humans need Christmas cheer but some cats need Christmas cheer too. This one is for Mei Sau the cat who needs some love 😻

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Tugs the Santa cat

Tugs the Santa cat

It’s beginning to look like Christmas and I continue to draw your Christmas pets as it’s the season to be jolly.
Tugs the Santa cat. He’s a cat, excuse his RBF. 😹 He gives great cuddles though and he loves his human. 💕

Bringing Christmas cheer

Bringing Xmas cheer

Sumi the Christmas cat Bringing Xmas Cheer or at least she’s trying the best she can 🎄🎄🎄

The Christmas Elf

Lemon the Cat Elf

Today’s cat drawing is of Lemon the Christmas cat elf in my moleskine sketchbook. There is always that one mean Elf in the group and his name is Lemon 🐱🍋

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The Christmas Grinch

The Christmas Cat Grinch

Happy thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating. I am thankful for all of you who have been following me and supporting my art.
I’ve fast forwarded to Christmas early this year. Thought I’d start early in case I miss it all together 😺
Hope you like this drawing of Yeti as the Christmas grinch. 💚

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Four weeks to Christmas

Christmas cat

Is it Christmas yet?  Are you ready for it? We have just over 4 weeks to go 🙀 but Eddy the cat seems to be ready 😻

Malaysia woke up to a hung parliament today

Malaysia woke up to a hung parliament

70% of the nation voted yesterday. It was a good turnout and many people were hoping for change but Malaysia woke up to a hung parliament this morning and the nation is waiting for the plot to unfold… New coalitions could be formed to secure enough majority but who will it be?
What do you think will happen next?

Malaysia votes today GE15

Vote for a better future

Vote for a better future. Be like Yeti the cat 🐱
Today is the general elections in Malaysia 🇲🇾
We’re voting for anti corruption, we’re voting for democracy, we’re voting for human rights, we’re voting for a better future 🙏

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