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cactus drawing

Sketch of the day no 628 in my moleskine art journal: Pink Lily flower cactus. Cactaceae Echinopsis mamillosa

Cactaceae Echinopsis mamillosa. Pink Lily Cactus

Today’s sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of a a botanical illustration of a pink lily cactus, Cactaceae Echinopsis mamillosa from Turkey.

“Hard words can not touch a soft heart

But soft words can touch a hard heart,

So choose carefully how you decide to speak to others”

#Spoonchallenge Day 1 Cactus. Join me in this one month sketch a day challenge

#spoonchallenge 1 cactus
#spoonchallenge 1 cactus

I’m a bit late to the start of this Spoonflower challenge but it is never too late than never. Day one’s theme is cactus. The challenge is to sketch for one month following the themes given daily. Follow the spoonflower link to see the rules if you would like to join me in this challenge

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