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Sketch of the day in my art journal no 481: you dont have to be great to start but you have to start to be Great!

Flower illustration
botanical illustration

 This is what I’ve learnt since I started my sketch of the day: You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be Great!

I was scared at the beginning to put my drawings on paper. I was afraid people would laugh at my work and I was afraid of failure. That little voice is still there, but I know that I’m getting better and nearer to succeeding. I have come too far to give it all up. It has taken my 481 baby day steps to get here. The journey will continue and it won’t be easy, I have to remind myself to take each day as it comes.

I am thankful.

#‎Spoonchallenge‬ 4 Landscape. Join me on this sketch a day challenge #moleskine

#Spoonchallenge 4 Landscape
#Spoonchallenge 4 Landscape

Today’s #Spoonchallenge by theme is Landscape. I have chosen to sketch the landscape from my trip to Cappadocia in Turkey a few years back. It was one of the most beautiful and magical landscapes I have ever seen. My friend and I also did the sunrise balloon ride which was truly out of this world.

Below is just me experimenting to see if my sketch works as a surface pattern. It needs some adjusting but I think it kind of works. What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

#Spoonchallenge 4 Landscape pattern experiment
#Spoonchallenge 4 Landscape pattern experiment

Sketch of the day no 388: Purple mint flower #Moleskine

Sketch of Purple mint flower
Sketch of Purple mint flower

My botanical sketches are proving popular and it is my favourite subject so today’s sketch of the day is a Purple mint flower 🙂

Sketch of the day no 385: Tiger Lily Flower Lilium Auratum

Tiger Lily Flower
Tiger Lily Flower

I wished I was as fresh as a Lily today but I feel more like a wilted flower. A friends wedding and a birthday party all in one night has zapped me of whatever life I had left! This is what happens when you hit your 40s. My mind thinks I can party but my body outright refuses. It tells me to crawl back into my cave where I belong…

Hope your Sunday will be more delightful than mine xx

Sketch of the day no 383: Penang Hawker Stall

Penang Hawker Stall
Penang Hawker Stall

Penang is famous for it’s street food sold from one of these push carts stalls. This one is all packed up and closed but it is really quintessentially Penang. Notice how the wheels are on bricks to stop it rolling and the gas tank at the front. I didnt draw it so clearly but at the top of the stall are boxes and newspapers.

If you get a chance, do try Penang food. It’s so good it’s been exported all over the world 🙂

Sketch no 374: Plate of persimmon

8. persimmon

Just a quick one on a Monday! A healthy plate of persimmon.

Have a great week ahead! Happy Monday xx

Sketch of the day no 316: Camera Box used to secure the motion sensor camera traps in the jungle

Camera box
Camera box

This is a sketch I did in the jungle. I have been hoarding several extra sketches which frees up some time for me to do other stuff. Camera boxes are used to securely lock up camera traps. A chain is used to secure the box to a tree so that poaches and animals don’t get to them. When we were collecting the camera traps last week, one was yanked off a tree by an irate elephant, one was covered with leaves by a poacher. Camera traps have been stolen in the past but usually the poachers would have seen it and returned with wire cutters. Normally they wouldn’t be carrying them so normally they will just cover the camera if they spot them.

Sketch of the day no 271: Lily the divine and mystical Lotus flower to brighten your day xoxo #ART

Purple Lotus flower

Purple Lotus flower

I really love lotus flowers. They are so beautiful and I like what they symbolize. The Lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening, purity and resurrection.

As Chinese New Year brings in the new year of the wood horse, my lotus flower sketch marks the new beginning of my journey as well. I want to make this the year of my new rebirth. A new start.

Sayonora for now. I’m off to Japan for a week. I will try to post sketches everyday but forgive me if I dont xx

Sketch of the day 103: Flying bird carving from the British Museum collection

Sketch of flying bird carving
Sketch of flying bird carving

The British Museum is one of my favourite museums. I love going through the antiquities collection and discovering how the ancient artisans interpreted what they saw.

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