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Pen drawing of Eurasian Magpie

Pen drawing of Eurasian Magpie

Look at the good in everything.
It’s cold outside and I’m hiding under the covers in bed. Then I saw a magpie walking across the roof minding her own business. I felt compelled to draw. This is an example of how motivation can come in any form and at any time.
Thank you Maggie the Magpie for the little push today 💙

Pen drawing of a kingfisher

Kingfisher drawing

Practice, practice, practice. That’s the only way to improve.
Drawing of kingfisher using a blue ball point pen. I’ve decided I quite like drawing with a blue pen. I think I’m going to continue with this. The colour just makes me happy 💙

Oriental pied hornbill

Oriental pied hornbill

I was going to draw and then I got distract by some gardening that lasted all afternoon, and then I went for a long walk and tired myself out. Luckily I remembered I had this drawing of an oriental pied hornbill in oil pastels on paper that I did last year after my cousin sent me a photo of a pair of them visiting their balcony in Singapore.

Olive backed sunbird

Olive backed sunbird

This sunbird has given me so much joy. They have moved backed into my balcony after a year of hiatus. The chicks just hatched and the parents have been flying in and out the balcony raising the babies. I think there are 2 chicks but I haven’t looked.

Sketch of the day no 1494 in my moleskine sketchbook is of an Olive backed sunbird.

Lovebirds pet portrait


“In your light I learn to love” ~ Rumi.
Today’s pet portrait is of a pair of lovebirds Zazu and Eva 🐦💚🐦

Have you ever considered getting a portrait of your pet?
I’m currently taking commissions for pet portraits in my sketchbook.
USD 25 per pet and I will send you a digital copy of the drawing to print at your end.
And tag someone who may be interested. Thank you. 💕

Stephen the seagull and Peter the pelican face mask

Bird face masks

Keep your distance. Stephen the seagull tells Peter the pelican. 🕊️

Shop my collection of unique fun washable wearable art face masks which highlight endangered animals, wildlife, flora and fauna for conservation awareness and appreciation of the beauty around us.

15% off today. Code: HAPPY4THJULY

Please stay home or wear a face mask when you leave the house. 😷

Stay safe and stay alert.

Dumpling the duckling

Dumpling the duckling

Meet Dumpling the baby duck. Spring arrived and soon after baby Dumpling was born. Again this was inspired by my hours on YouTube. It was a video of a mother duck leading her 10 or so babies across the road in Idaho. Unfortunately most of them fell into a grated storm drain and sewer pipe but luckily a passer by saw and called the nature conservation people to come save them. It was a happy ending. True story. 🐤

Acrylic on paper
Size A4
Price USD 150 (free worldwide shipping)

Found the video, you can watch it here

Suzie the baby sunbird

Baby sunbird

This portrait of my house guest, Suzie the baby sunbird was  painted at the beginning of lockdown 3 months ago.
She flew out of her nest on my balcony and landed on my living room floor, feeling dazed and confused. I watched her from the sofa as she sat there plucking up courage to attempt another flight after the fall. She took her time, waddled around, flew to the edge of the balcony and with all her strength and courage, flew off to the unknown. 

Suzie the baby sunbird
Acrylic on paper
Size A4

Helmeted hornbill

Oops it’s a Rhino hornbill

Kita jaga kita. Together we stand in Solidarity.

Sketch of the day no 1380 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a Helmeted hornbill. Malaysia is home to 10 species of Hornbills and it is our national bird 🐦

This is the last Sketch in my moleskine sketchbook as I wait patiently for the borders to open to receive my sketchbook parcel delivery. 🙏


My bad, it’s a Rhino hornbill. I apologise hornbill.

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