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Treasures of a Straits Chinese: Garden of Eden 

Garden of Eden. Cockatoo and flowers

#13 Garden of Eden. The cockatoo is a messenger of change and an omen that miracles are about to take place. The parrot was a popular motif in Peranakan and English embroidery

I will be having my first solo exhibition, Treasures of a Straits Chinese G hotel art gallery in Penang from the 1 February – 30 April 2018

Come support me and own your first piece of BulanLifestyle art

T16 Start booking your flights and your hotel. It’s also Thaipusam the day before, the most sensational festival in the world happening in Penang.

For more info

Olive backed Sunbird pattern 

Olive backed Sunbird pattern

Olive backed Sunbird pattern to brighten up the day. 

Have a beautiful week xoxo 💙💛💙💛

Sketch of the day no 1113 in my moleskine art journal: Peony and bird. 

A symbol of a Happy and properous union. Peony and bird motif on Peranakan carved furniture

Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of the Peony and bird. A symbol of a Happy and properous union. This is a common pairing in Peranakan furniture as furniture was commissioned from Chinese artisans for weddings. 

Sketch of the day no 321: StewART the seagull “Live Your Dream”

StewART the Seagull
StewART the Seagull street art: Live your dream.

StewART the seagull reminds us to live our dream. I meant to paint this somewhere outdoors but I didn’t feel like leaving my room, and so he ended up on my studio wall. Not quite a street art piece 🙂

Sketch of the day no 311: Beach art in #Penang. StewART the seagull says Follow me

Follow me says StewART, beach art
Follow me says StewART, beach art

It was a beautiful day for the beach, so off we went. It was a family day out.

My best friend and I decided to draw Stewart the seagull in the sand to amuse ourselves. Then my cousin joined in to photograph the art work for us as he spotted us down at the beach. He brought his quadricopter over and managed to capture an aerial view of the artwork!

It was so much fun, we have formed a group to do this more often at the beach 🙂

Beach art in Penang
Beach art in Penang
Our photographer
Our photographer


I’m trying to control the boat with the remote control ;p

Sketch of the day no 208: Kip Kip the juvenile black naped oriole, #tropical bird in colour

Kip Kip the oriole bird in colour
Kip Kip the black naped oriole bird in colour

I have added colour to Kip Kip the juvenile black naped Oriole. Please Click here for the original sketch before I added colour.

After a very social week long stay in Singapore for my friends wedding celebrations. I’m finally driving home! I know I am getting old when I can’t wait to go home, crawl into bed and recover for the rest of the week. I’m looking forward to being in hibernation mode.

Sketch of the day no 183: Peacock (Pavo)


I have sketched a Peahen, and last night someone suggested I sketch the peacock. Ive been wanting to but knowing it would take me forever to sketch, Ive been putting it off until today. It’s not quite finished but it will have to do for now! Life is to short to obsess over feathers! (which I’ve been doing)

Now I have to get back to the unglamorous job of cooking dinner and tidying my flat!

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